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Engineering Management Master's Program (without Thesis) (M.S., 1 - 1.5 Years)

The Industrial Engineering Department offers graduate programs leading to Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctoral (PhD) degrees. In addition to two Master’s programs in the field of Industrial Engineering, one with thesis and the other without thesis, the Department also offers a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management. The only doctoral degree program offered by the Department is in the field of ‘Industrial Engineering’.

Courses to be taken are balanced among both theoretical and applied fields and students are encouraged to take elective courses from other departments of the University. In order to graduate from Engineering Management Program (without thesis), candidates are expected to successfully complete courses, including 2 compulsory and 8 elective, with a credit value totaling to 30 and defend a written research project before the jury.

Admission Requirements

A document certifying the level of English proficiency (TOEFL paper-based: minimum 550, computer-based: minimum 213, and internet-based: minimum 80, IELTS: minimum 6.5, YDS/ÜDS/KPDS: minimum 66, or EMU Proficiency Test: minimum 75 points); undergraduate degree (B.S.) in Engineering or a related field; minimum CGPA of 2.5 of 4.0; Turkish citizens applying for the program are required to possess minimum 55 points from the numerical section of ALES exam taken within the last 3 years. The corresponding score for GRE (mathematical)=610 or GMAT=450 points is 55 in ALES. Applications which should be submitted online are evaluated by the Graduate Committee of the Department. The said committee determines whether or not the candidate is expected to take undergraduate deficiency courses from the Industrial Engineering Department prior to their admission to the program. The maximum number of deficiency courses to be taken is 4.

Research Interests

Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health, Ethics in Science and Engineering, Environmental Pollution Control, Organizational Behavior, Experimental Design and Statistical Implications, Human Factors Engineering (Ergonomics), Performance Evaluation (human), Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Simulation and Decision Making, Work Study, Facility Planning and Design, Expert Systems, Information Theory / Information Systems Analysis, Agriculture / Water / Energy Economics, Optimization Theory, Integer Programming, Fuzzy Mathematical Programming, Logical Analysis of Data (LAD) / Application to Biological Problems, Production Planning, System Design, Supply Chain Management, On-Site Settlement, Statistical Process Control, Reliability of Improper Systems, Warranty Analysis, Stochastic Modeling, Queuing Theory.


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