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Midwifery Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

General Information

The midwifery department's aim is to train midwives to be employed in the health sector. Midwifery is a professional health discipline in which information about pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, newborn and women's health is acquired, as well as basic health-related courses. The aim of the midwifery department is to train qualified and qualified midwives who practice their profession in the best way.

The language of instruction of the program is English. Students who enter the midwifery department and successfully complete their education will graduate with the title of "Midwife".


The program focuses on following midwifery services;

  1. For the health and welfare of society; to be able to have the basic theoretical and practical knowledge and the holistic approach in accordance with the scientific advances in the field of midwifery and health
  2. To be able to be aware of the concept of health as a social phenomenon, provide necessary services by determining the needs of women, newborn, family and community about midwifery service
  3. To be able to own the responsibility for normal birth
  4. To be able to diagnose risky situations using the knowledge and skills in the field of Midwifery, develop evidence-based solutions and apply
  5. To be able to use in-discipline and interdisciplinary approaches according to ethical principles as a member of the medical team
  6. To be able to use appropriate interpersonal communication and management skills
  7. To be able to do scientific research and use in midwifery practices
  8. To be able to develop herself by recognizing the importance of lifelong learning and following the developments about science-technology and contemporary issues
  9. To be able to cooperate with civil society organizations and national and international professional organizations which support Midwifery profession
  10. Based on midwifery degree level qualifications, to be able to comprehend the theoretical, practical and to-date information at the level of expertise in midwifery, and develop this information.


The program, aiming to train midwifery and human resources in a way that will provide contemporary midwifery services both nationally and internationally, offers a variety of educational opportunities to their students. In the program, professional support is provided for courses and internships from experienced academics and professional field specialists. In addition, while our students are preparing for a career at the University, they also have the opportunity to express themselves by taking part in social and cultural activities with a participatory approach on international criteria. At our university, there is a computer environment open to student use with sufficient internet support. The EMU library has adequate equipment and resources in terms of education, training and research. In addition, our university offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for students to social, cultural and sporting activities in their spare time.

During their midwifery student training, they will benefit from the Türkan Aziz Nursing Skill Laboratory equipped with modern, world-class technological equipments. Using large-scale spaces for laboratories, it was designed to allow 40-50 students to work together in the same area.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program can find a job in all institutions such as maternity hospitals, inpatient treatment institutions, maternity and gynecology services, antenatal care and polyclinics, neonatal services, family planning, and maternal and child health centers, infertility centers, prenatal education classes, women's health. Graduates can also work as self-employed midwives.

Our graduates can also work as managers, responsible midwives, clinical midwives, and educator midwives in State, private, and university hospitals. By opening private health cabins and, or patient care houses, they can practice their profession freely.

Finally, our graduates of the Midwifery Department can work as a academic staff in Midwifery Departments by taking the graduate education.


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