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Department of Economics


EconomicsPhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Economics
Economics (without Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 1.5 Economics
Economics (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Economics
Managerial Economics (Turkish without Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 1.5 Economics
Financial Economics (Turkish without Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 1.5 Economics
EconomicsBachelor / B.S.4 Economics
Energy Economics and Finance (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Economics
Gender Studies (with Thesis)Master / M.A.1 - 2 Economics
Gender Studies (Turkish with Thesis)Master / M.A.1 - 2 Economics
Gender Studies (Turkish without Thesis)Master / M.A.1 - 1.5 Economics

General Information

The Department of Economics in the EMU Faculty of Business and Economics, in addition to local students, is recruiting students every year from Turkey and elsewhere. In view of the international nature of its academic staff and student body, the program and its facilities are parallel to equivalent universities in Europe and North America.

In short, the Department of Economics is ready to teach modern economics and to produce competent individuals for the future with the help of experienced academics from different countries.



Vice Chair(s):

Our Mission

The aim of the Department of Economics is to equip students with up-to-date knowledge and skills to function effectively, both locally and in an increasingly competitive world. Our educational standards are equivalent to those offered in some of the best European and American universities, our professional qualifications are recognized in North Cyprus, Turkey and around the world, and our graduates have proved to be highly successful in a diverse range of careers.

General Education Concept

The primary objective of the Faculty of Business and Economics is:

  • To educate students in the concepts and approaches of banking, business, economics, European studies, finance, international relations, international trade, management information systems, political science and public administration in preparation for careers in which they make significant and lasting contributions to the contemporary world.
  • To offer programs of study consistent with its educational aim of preparing men and women to be leaders of enterprise; professionals with the individualism, insight, and strength of will to manage effectively, and with the sensitivity and understanding which makes teamwork possible.

Departmental Facilities

With the aim of bringing up globally competitive graduates, the Department offers courses in English and has the following resources/facilities;

  • Computer labs;
  • Multimedia rooms;
  • Fully equipped research center;
  • The Center for Economic Research, providing research and consultative services to all public and private agencies;
  • An annual economics symposium.


FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation
Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation
Accredited Programs: Economics (B.S.)

Career Opportunities

Graduates have a wide area of employment opportunities. Their knowledge and skills in economics as well as their good command of English and computer applications, as well as familiarity with global issues opens up employment opportunities in international organizations, multinational companies and public services and in private businesses.


Department of Economics
Department of Economics, Jean-Jacques Rousseau Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey

Tel: +90 392 630 1291
Fax: +90 392 365 1017