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Guidance and Psychological Counseling Master's Program (Turkish with Thesis) (M.A., 1 - 2 Years)

General Information

The program aims to develop Guidance and Psychological Counselling specialists equipped with the skills and competences required to conduct research, work collaboratively and communicate effectively adhering to professional ethics and principles. Students are required to take four compulsory and four elective courses and write a dissertation.

Applicants should hold a BA/BS Degree in guidance and psychological counselling with a minimum CGPA of 2.50. The applicants from other disciplines are also accepted to the program provided that they successfully complete deficiency courses offered by the department. Besides, as a Higher Education Council requirement, applicants from Republic of Turkey are also asked to provide a score of 55 from ALES.

The Department has two graduate programs: MA and PhD programs in Educational Sciences. These programs lead to MA and PhD degrees in Educational Sciences. Both programs are carried out in Turkish and take an interdisciplinary approach to education whereby students may take various elective courses besides the core curriculum. Educational sciences area is divided into several areas of specialization such as curriculum and instruction, measurement and evaluation, educational management, and guidance and psychological counselling. Those who would like to specialize can select courses from one of these areas in addition to core curriculum. In these programs the Department’s aim is to prepare scholars who would carry out qualitative and quantitative research in education and related fields. This complies with their general aim of producing quality teachers and educational scientists who would contribute to the improvement of curriculum and instruction and education in general.

Admission Requirements

Graduates holding BA degree in Educational Sciences are accepted to the program; however graduates holding other BA degrees may be accepted under the condition that they successfully complete the deficiency course work suggested to them by the department.

Research Interests

Curriculum development, Instruction, Curriculum evaluation, Educational administration, Educational technology, Pre-service teacher education, In-service training, Professional development of teachers and faculty, Adult education, Distance education, Effective learning, Improvement of instruction, Measurement and evaluation in education, Intelligent tutoring systems, Special education, Guidance and psychological counselling


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