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Information Systems Engineering Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

General Information

The Information Systems Engineering program aims to meet the demand for well-qualified human resource in the 21st century, also called the Information Era. The Electronic and Computer Engineering programs lead to expertise in the electronics and computer hardware and software, respectively. The program covers theory and its application in information and its gathering, computing, storage, management, communication, modeling and evaluation. The program is built around the established foundations of Electronic Engineering which includes strong basic sciences, mathematics, signals and systems, signal processing, multimedia, electronics, communications and computer fields.


Our Department offers education in modern laboratories equipped with latest educational technologies and classrooms containing multi projection systems and strong Internet connections. Our department is ready to become a leader in Turkey and neighboring countries with its well-qualified academic staff consisting of 8 professors, 4 associate professors and 3 assistant professors who graduated from the most prominent postgraduate programs at world-famous institutions in different countries.

Career Opportunities

The graduates can be employed in organizations of public and private sectors where information technologies are applied, designed and developed. They will also be employed in organizations where they will be responsible for planning, application and administration of information systems. Those who would prefer to work privately could practice their profession as consultants on information systems and provide engineering services. The Information Technologies (IT) sector is the fastest developing sector in the market and the graduates of the Information Systems Engineering program will be preferred either in this sector or in related sectors.


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