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Electronics and Communication Engineering Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

General Information

Electronics and Communication Engineering is an engineering field consisting of electronics, communication, computer, general engineering, physics, mathematics and chemistry disciplines. In the fast-developing electronics and communication industry, the Electronics and Communication Engineering Program aims to increase the success chance of the graduates in business life by focusing on more specific areas and to develop engineers with their own unique features of the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering with the help of specially designed curriculum, experiments and design projects, teaching and learning environment, laboratory and other application fields. Prepared in accordance with the criteria of the highest-level accreditation bodies such as ABET, this program is designed to meet the expectations of the international engineering industry, production and services sectors.


One of the most important goals of the Electronics and Communications Engineering program is to graduate engineers who are capable of successfully using global engineering tools and methods, designing and implementing new communication methods and tools, aware of international languages ​​and yield as entrepreneurial engineers. More specifically, the main aims of Electronics and Communications Engineering Program is to graduate Electronics and Communications Engineers who

  • are able to follow the technological and scientific developments in the field of Engineering and Basic Sciences,
  • can design, install and operate electronic and communication devices, perform periodic maintenance and calibration,
  • will be able to provide consultancy services to firms operating for this purpose or firms that use electronic and communication technologies widely,
  • are able to provide consultancy services to companies in the industry doing business in electronics and communications field or using electronics and communications devices extensively,
  • has the competent scientific production power to design new electronic and communication devices,
  • accept science as the basis for professional practice,
  • has numerical and academic thinking power,
  • are self-taught, lifelong learners,
  • do not refrain from taking responsibility,
  • can contribute to the transformation of internationally produced knowledge into social and industrial benefits,
  • behave with ethical behavior awareness,
  • has the spirit of leadership and high motivation,

Career Opportunities

Electronics and Communication Engineers can be employed in fields such as

  • universities,
  • hospitals,
  • mobile and fixed communication service providers,
  • internet service providers,
  • transportation sector,
  • industry and production sectors which deal with electronic and communication technologies or use the electronics and communication devices intensively
  • maintenance-repair units in enterprises
  • in transferring electronics and communications technologies to the working environments,
  • device selection, technical specification preparation and evaluation,
  • end user training,
  • establishment, development and operation of the automation system,
  • work as engineers during the installation and development of security systems.


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