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Department of Health Management


The fundamental mission of the Health Management Program is to bring up specialist workforce catering for the demand for intermediate and advanced level workforce at health institutions and to carry out research and deliver training for the benefit of the country. The program puts special focus on teaching the students the basics, applications and economic principles of management as a profession as well as analytical thought and team work. The program contributes to the health management field by adopting modern educational technologies and methods and reflects the information accumulated in this field to the country’s health system as well as the health services and health institutions’ management processes. Program courses are delivered in Turkish and focus on the basic principles and rules of management as well as its economic principles, analytic thinking and team work skills. Program graduates make a difference both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey with their professional ethics and standards as well as scientific approaches and methods towards health management.


Our University provides sufficient number of computers with Internet connections for students. Students are also given the privilege of benefitting from the Eastern Mediterranean University Library which is equipped with modern and up-to-date facilities, equipment and databases. Our University also provides an array of recreational opportunities for our students in the form of social, cultural and sports activities.


Health Management (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Health Management

Distinguishing Attributes

The courses aimed to introduce basic principles, rules and applications of management, economical principles of management, cooperative working and analytical thinking to our students. Students are educated by professional academic personnel who are qualified in national and international fields of management. Our graduates will satisfy TRNC’s and Turkey’s needs of management field with their fully equipped education.

Major Accomplishments

TRNC Ministry of Health organized a workshop in which the configuration of the health system of our country is discussed and our department has contributions regarding the development of North Cyprus’s health system. Moreover, we have agreements with various health institutions where our students do their internships.

Quality of Graduates

Our graduates will be able to work in health institutions with their professional knowledge and abilities. Throughout their education, they will be asked to prepare seminar and they would be successful researchers within their professional life.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates receive the title of “Health Manager” and may pursue employment opportunities in various health management areas such as health insurance, health economics, health law, quality in health services, marketing in health services, strategic management in health, communication in health and human resources management in health services.


Department of Health Management
Department of Health Management, İbn-i Sina Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey

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