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Atatürk Research and Application Center (ATAUM)

The Aims of the Center:

  • To disseminate the principles and reforms of Atatürk to the Turkish Cypriot community,
  • To train young people in accordance with Kemalist thought,
  • Contribute to the publicity of the Turkish Cypriot National Struggle for Independence,
  • To provide coordination and execution of celebration / commemoration programs on national and historical days.
  • To create archives and libraries for helping those who do research on this subject.

Working Area:

  • Conducts research, examination, development and implementation; participates and supports such studies.
  • Organize seminars, conferences, congresses, symposiums and panels at national and international level.
  • Collaborates with national and international organizations, encourages and organizes cooperation, participates in such conferences, congresses, symposiums and scientific meetings and contributes to the publicity of the Kemalist Thought and the Turkish Cypriot National Struggle.
  • Coordinates and Executes celebration / commemoration programs on national and historical days on behalf of the University.
  • Publishes reports, projects, books, journals and similar publications to spread Kemalist Thought.
  • Providing consultancy services to public and private organizations,
  • Provides the planning, coordination and execution of “Atatürk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution” courses, which is one of the compulsory courses of the University.
  • The Head of the Centre is the consultant of the University Atatürk Ideology Club (EMU ADK). It mentors the club to operate in the framework of Kemalist Thought.


Atatürk Research and Application Center (ATAUM),

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Academic Affairs Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bülent KIZILDUMAN
Tel: (+90) 392 630 2015