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Digital Media and Film Master's Program (without Thesis) (M.A., 1 - 1.5 Years)

The Master’s in ‘Digital Media and Film’ is housed in the Department of Radio-TV and Film. Digital media and film explores the processes of storytelling from pre through postproduction including in-depth examination of the light, sound, motion, camera, editing, composition, storyboarding, scriptwriting, blocking, and field and studio. The program covers analog and digital processes and offers courses in traditional and new approaches to storytelling including the traditional news genre, experimental video production, documentary, single camera and multiple camera, live and prerecorded. Digital media and Film also embraces the possibilities associated with social media platforms to draw on the potential in mobile phone technologies and social platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Instagram. Program participants will develop their potential and use the program to achieve their goals as digital media storytellers. The M.A. program in Digital Media and Film is a rigorous program of study in the creative art of visual storytelling that prepares participants for multiple future career possibilities in traditional media industries, independent documentary production, professional blogging, online journalism, and alternative media production forms.

Admission Requirements

The MA in Digital Media and Film admits students from both media studies and non-media studies backgrounds. Students who join us from non-media studies backgrounds are supported with two deficiency courses that they take from our Radio-TV and FILM undergraduate program in the first semester to ensure a strong grounding in basic digital media competencies.

Research Interests

Media aesthetics, sound design, editing techniques, documentary film production, television production, radio broadcasting and production, alternative video production, social media, semiotics, theories of the news, film production, scriptwriting, studio production, voice for the actor; lighting techniques, studio and field production, public visual design, theories of the media, gender, justice and media production, new media, theorizing audiences, multimedia production, pervasive media, media and society, media and social power; digital advertising and the social media; media and democracy.


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