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Faculty of Law


Law (Turkish)Bachelor / LL.B.4 Law
Law (Turkish with Thesis)Master / LL.M.1 - 2 Law
Comparative Legal Systems (without Thesis) (Joint Program with University of Bologna)Master / LL.M.1 - 1.5 Law

About Faculty

Eastern Mediterranean University Law Faculty started its educational activities in 1996 as part of a collaboration agreement settled with Ankara University Law Faculty. Upon the inauguration of the faculty, Ankara University Law Faculty academic staff member Prof. Dr. Aydoğan ÖZMAN undertook the role of the founding dean of the faculty.

Having started its educational activities with 183 students, our faculty produced its first graduates in 2000. As one of the leading institutions within the region with more than 1500 students, the faculty has an elite group of graduates which has reached 3000 in number.

Over 18 years following its inauguration, Eastern Mediterranean University Law Faculty has taken major steps in institutionalization, thanks to its elite, strong and prominent academic and administrative staff.

The duration of undergraduate studies in our faculty is four years (eight semesters) and the medium of instruction is Turkish.

In an environment where numerous faculties and legal professionals exist, our faculty’s fundamental mission is to make a difference by bringing up inquisitive legal professionals who act according to professional ethics and values and with a good command of the concepts, rules, principles and resources of the profession of law. In this respect, the role of the undergraduate education in equipping students with law formation skills carries great importance for us. of Law and School of Justice

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. ARZU ALİBABA

Vice Dean(s):
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ARZU ALİBABA

Along with graduating our students as legal professionals who have mastered the legal field in detail, our Faculty gives special importance to enhance their belief in justice and graduate them with strong ethical and professional values.

The Faculty also offers a series of elective courses on different topics, all catering for students’ interest in various legal areas.

Being well-aware of the importance of communicating in a foreign language, the Faculty offers compulsory and elective vocational English courses during students’ undergraduate studies. In this respect, the Faculty offers an elective course preparing junior and sophomore year students for an international exam entitled TOLES.

Law Faculty graduates have a wide spectrum of career choices. Almost 3,000 graduates of our faculty have successfully managed to pursue employment opportunities both at state departments and private sector.

Students successfully graduating from the Faculty of Law may pursue career opportunities as lawyers, judges, prosecutors and notaries. Additionally, they may undertake administrative duties as governors, district governors, inspectors and specialists. Law as a field of profession offers a wide spectrum of employment opportunities and a prestigious future for the graduates.

For those graduates wishing to continue their academic studies at a higher level, our faculty offers postgraduate study opportunities in the areas of private law, public law and international law. The faculty has graduated 45 students from the postgraduate program. In this respect, our faculty’s postgraduate program is a stepping stone for those who have chosen to develop themselves in the academic track.


ELFA: European Law Faculties Association
Member Units: Law

ELFA: European Law Faculties Association
EMU Faculty of Justice is a member of ELFA.


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