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Student Societies & Clubs

The importance of social and cultural activities in preparing students for real life and strengthening their personal skills cannot be questioned. Social/cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves with the university, but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field and also improve skills such as organizational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication. With the aim of encouraging students to value their leisure time, expand their areas of interest, relax and have fun together, participate in fine arts activities and attend cultural and arts-related events, an array of student clubs operate within the university.


Every student in the university may join the clubs and/or they can form a club according to their interests. In this way, students can improve their social, cultural and occupational skills, gain the skill of expressing themselves more efficiently, take part in club organizations, either theirs or other clubs’, and attend the club activities.

The Social and Cultural Activity Directorate organizes activities during the year to reinforce students’ social and cultural needs. These activities also serve as an interactive bridge between the local community and the university.


Located in more than 1,600 universities in over 120 countries around the world, AIESEC is an international platform where young people discover and develop their own potential in order to have a positive impact on society. To this end, AIESEC conducts more than 470 conferences a year, provides its members with 10,000 overseas experiences and offers over 10,000 leadership experiences. AIESEC, which has been operating around the world since 1948 and at the Eastern Mediterranean University in the TRNC since 1992, is the "World's Largest Student and Exchange Organization", which is non-political, non-profit, innovative, discriminates against religion, language, race and is managed by completely volunteering university students. AIESEC also provides youth consultancy to UNESCO, UNICEF and the United Nations as the representative of the world youth.

Animal Welfare Club

The club started to work as a “Voluntary Initiative” with a group of animal-loving instructors and students. The club is a volunteer club that undertakes the feeding, care and treatment of dogs in shelters within EMU, aims to optimize human-animal relationship, and to instill the love for animals. It also aims to create an awareness towards street animals within the whole society, especially amongst EMU students.

Anime Club

The club was established in 2018 by a group of international students with the purpose of promoting the anime culture. The club provides theoretical and practical training to its members. It aims to develop the animation and mental thinking skills of its members. Although it is a newly established club, it has increased the number of members in a short time and instilled the love of anime in the students through its activities. It supports its members through training on drawing techniques.

Archery Club

Astronomy and Space Sciences Club

Atatürk Ideology Club

Atatürk Ideology Club is one of the clubs boasting the highest number of members. The club operates within the framework of the “Atatürkist Thought”. Its aim is to spread Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions and to create a university youth acting in line with the Atatürkist Thought.

Backgammon Club

The Backgammon Club was established in 2018 under the Social and Cultural Activities Directorate in order to bring together EMU’s backgammon-fans, who set their hearts on “Traditional Backgammon”, which is still one of the most widespread board games in the world with its centuries-old history and to organize tournaments that emphasize friendship and solidarity.

Beşiktaş Fan Club

EMU BJK was founded in 2003 by a group of Beşiktaş fan students. The aim is to promote Beşiktaş, to increase the number of Beşiktaş fans, to gather all Beşiktaş fans under one roof, and to plan activities that will contribute to the future of Turkish sports.

Children's Rights Club

Children's rights is an issue that needs to be addressed within the scope of human rights. Today, violations of human rights occuring in many parts of the world are more extensive and growing at the child dimension, and are more difficult to intervene. The aim of our club is to carry out activities involving all types of differences, to defend children's rights and to fight against the violations of rights.

Cultural Heritage and Archeology Club

Dance Community

The Dance Community, operating under the Social and Cultural Activities Directorate for many years, has worked with all EMU students who have put their heart into dance, and brought up professional dancers and trainers from its student members.The Dance Dance Community successfully represents our university in inter-university dance festivals as well as at local and international organizations.

Design Club

The Design Club was established with the initiative of a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture. With the support of many social, artistic and academic events organized, the club aims to prepare students for life and their careers in a more equipped way, and help them grow as individuals who can view the world with a wider vision. In scope of the 'International Design Week', traditionally organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture and the Club, club members and all students who are devoted to design have the opportunity to meet and work together with many well-known designers, both local and from abroad, in workshops covering different and broad areas of interest.

E-Sports Club

The Electonic Sports Club was established in 2019. It is a branch of sport based on online games. The aim of the club is to enable young people to both socialize and continue their involvement as a professional career in the future by competing with e-sports players from many parts of the world in the virtual environment. Interest in our club is rapidly increasing within our university. EMU students can become members of the e-sports club and benefit from its activities free of charge.

EMU Scientific Research Community

The EMU Scientific Research Community was established in 2015 with the initiative of the students of Dr. Fazıl Küçük Medicine Faculty. The said Community was introducted for the purpose of guiding the students of the Faculty of Medicine to follow scientific developments and current publications, to gain a critical perspective to interpret scientific research, and to provide all kinds of support for the participation of students planning to carry out scientific research and to present their work at national and international congresses.

EMU Search and Rescue Club

EMU Search and Rescue Club (EMU-KUT) started to work actively in the year 2000. Its aim is to educate EMU students in a way that will enable them to intervene correctly and consciously in the first aid practices to be applied during any natural disaster or accident, and to minimize possible loss of life and damage to the property. EMU-KUT is a community composed entirely of EMU students. They are very disciplined and work hard. EMU-KUT regularly participates in training camps and drills organized by the Civil Defense Organization. Training Provided Basic Mountaineering First Aid Natural Disasters Psychological Support and Trauma Camping Techniques

Entrepreneurship Club

Fenerbahçe Fan Club

Founded by a group of Fenerbahçe fan EMU students in 2001. The club aims to unite, provide solidarity and enable socialization by gathering Fenerbahçe fans under one roof. The club also makes a name for itself with its social responsibility projects.

Fine Arts Club

The Fine Arts Club organizes artistic activities for students to spend their free time in the best way possible, to increase their awareness towards social problems, and most importantly, to grow as individuals far from social risks. The club hosts a series of artistic events consisting of sculpture, engraving, ceramics and glass workshops, with the belief individuals who are engaged in any branch of culture and art to develop as more sensitive and more open-minded persons while experimenting and learning under the supervision of a well-equipped instructor.

Flag Football Club

Flag Football, with its increasing popularity in recent years, was founded by a group of female students at our university. Different from traditional sports branches such as volleyball, basketball and football, Flag Football is played without equipment. Instead of equipment, flags tied to a belt are used, and the sport is named after these flags around the waist.

Folk Dance Club

The Folk Dance Club was established in 2004. It has two divisions as the Cypriot Folk Dances and Turkish Folk Dances. In 2009, the club added the dances of different regions into its structure. All students who are interested in Folk Dances can become members of the club. Club members are given free training by professional trainers on certain days of the week. The Folk Dance Club successfully represents our university both in our country and the international arena.

Game Platform

Gastronomy Club

Genetics Club

We aim to become an innovative and entrepreneurial club at the Eastern Mediterranean University by bringing up molecular biologists who are equipped with knowledge and skills in this field of science, have ethical values, are creative, entrepreneurs, project-oriented and involved in multi-disciplinary studies, and have national and international competence.

Idea and Debate Club

The Idea and Debate Club aims to create an intellectual environment that will enable students to exchange ideas on many subjects from education to environment, sports to art, science to culture and to increase their general culture, their knowledge of history and persuasion skills through the creation of an environment where they can express their thoughts freely.

Industrial Engineering Community Association

The Eastern Mediterranean University Industrial Engineering Club (EMU IEC) was founded in 1999 and has been organizing numerous certificate trainings for EMU students with the aim of contributing their career developments since the year it was founded. The first ever Continuous Training Camp (EMU-KEK) was organized by the club in 2009. Today, EMU-KEK is considered as an international event and has hosted many industrial engineering students from Turkey. EMU IECA is a member of ESTIEM, the only organization in the field of Industrial Engineering and Business. Moreover, EMU IECA is also a member of Turkey Industrial Engineering Community Association which gathers together the Industrial Engineering Clubs and Communities of many prestigious universities in Turkey.

IT Club

Law Club

The Law Club introduces activities and events for club members, who are also Faculty of Law students, enabling them to conduct theoretical studies and research in a coordinated way, to participate in scientific studies in law and related disciplines, thus better prepare for their profession, to contribute to Turkish law in the theoretical dimension with their work, to participate in social, cultural and scientific activities, and with all these, to contribute both to the foundation of Turkish law students to perform their profession in a more qualified way and to the discipline of law.

Media and Communication Club

Model United Nations Club

Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club

The Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club helps our students become individuals who are inquisitive and well-informed about life in nature, and works towards equipping them with environmental awareness in the context of their social lives as well as developing their exploratory, physical and mental abilities.

Music Club

Photography Club

The aim of the Eastern Mediterranean University Photography Club is to gather interest towards the art of photography, to increase its popularity, to provide information on photography to photography lovers through scientific methods, to bring photography to a further point, and also to help establish warm, sincere and social relations between the students of the Eastern Mediterranean University from different cultures through the art of photography. The club organizes training trips at regular intervals. Whilst the students get to discover the historical beauties of Cyprus, they also get the chance to photograph them. In addition, the club organizes at least one exhibition every semester. All students who are interested in the art of photography can become members of the club.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Club

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Club organizes many cultural, social and educational activities in order to support the personal development of the students of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department as well as the students of other departments, to inform them about the developments in the field of psychological counseling and guidance, and to contribute to their professional development.

Psychology Students Club

The Psychology Students Club is a club formed by students studying in Psychology Department. The main goal of the activities organized within the club is to support the career development of students studying psychology. The club, which organizes events with different themes every year, hosts the traditional event called “Psychology Days”. The club attaches great importance to the organisation of the activities in Turkish and English. Not only students of the Psychology Department but also all students interested in psychology can participate in the events organized.

Red Crescent Student Club

The Red Crescent Club was established in 2018 with the aim of raising future Red Crescent members and organizing events to promote universal Red Crescent principles and benevolence values on social platforms.

Special Education Club

The main goal of the club is to raise awareness towards the social problems of individuals with special needs and to organize educational activities to raise awareness of the society. Whilst educating the society, it also aims at reintegrating private individuals into the society.

Sustainable Development Goals Club

Swimming Club

The Swimming Club was established in 1995 under the Student Activity Center. Since its establishment, the club has devoted itself to swimming and has given experienced and licensed swimmers the chance to train regularly in the Olympic pool. The club won the championship in the men's and women's categories in the "Inter-University Swimming Competition", which was the first competition participated. Since then, it has been one of the most successful swimming teams in the TRNC.

Technology and Innovation Club

Theatre Community

Operating under the Social and Cultural Activities Directorate, the Theatre Community is one of the attention-grabbing clubs by virtue of its stage performances and shows. The community puts on 3 or 4 plays each year. The primary objective is to enable students to socialize and develop their skills by expressing themselves through play, drama and theatre. Community members receive trainings from experts in their field on acting, effective speaking and addressing the crowd.

Tourism Club

ultrAslan EMU

ultrAslan Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the university representatives of the Turkey’s biggest fan club and non-governmental organization ultrAslan. It was established in 2001 with the initiatives of a group of Galatasaray fan students who were studying in Eastern Mediterranean University. The primary goal of the club is to gather all the Galatasaray fan students together for unification and solidarity. ultrAslan club organizes banner and poster coloring competitions and game watching sessions as well as social-responsibility projects.

Underwater Sports Club


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