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Tourism Management Master's Program (without Thesis) (M.S., 1 - 1.5 Years)

This program has been designed in consultation with business and industry leaders and reflects the most recent international and local developments in industrial practice and technology. It is geared to prepare students to meet and deal with the challenges in a global perspective. The general mission of the master program in tourism management is to develop advanced professionalism in the field of hospitality and tourism by offering high quality education. This program aims to prepare graduates equipped with managerial knowledge and skills necessary in hospitality and tourism field. The program comprises managerial courses including marketing, accounting, and finance with a particular focus on services and hospitality industries. It also considers macro level issues such as planning and development and other contemporary issues in tourism field. Having completed the program successfully, graduates will have an understanding of both international and local tourism markets, knowledge of the interdisciplinary aspects of tourism management, the confidence and expertise to plan, organize and make managerial and strategic decisions. In addition to the above mentioned issues, the program including a thesis study equips the students with an academic researching and writing skill.

Admission Requirements

University admissions requirements are expected.

Research Interests

Marketing Field Marketing paradigm, Post-modern marketing, Consumer behavior, Culture, Internationalization-born global firms, Service quality, Customer (dis)satisfaction, Service failure and recovery, Work-family conflict, Burnout Strategic Management and Development Field SWOT analysis, Measurement & competitiveness, Carrying capacity Analysis, Strategy implementation, Hotel competitiveness, Destination competitiveness, Change management, Environmental scanning Tourism Planning and Development Field Tourism policy and planning, Environment, Mediterranean tourism and EU enlargement, Public sector and tourism, Local government and tourism, Institutional evaluation, Environmental impact assessment, Urbanization and tourism Accounting and Financial Management Performance measurement in services and owner managed businesses, Yield management in hotels reporting and budgeting in hotels Human Resources Management Field Leadership management in small and medium sized organizations, Quality management, organizational behaviour Sociology of Tourism Field Social impacts of tourism, Gender, Class, Race issues at work, Sports tourism


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