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EMU TV/Radio Directorate


Eastern Mediterranean University Television (DAÜ TV) is a university television channel that broadcasts from UHF 45.Kanal to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and all over the internet with the support of the Faculty of Communication, depending on the Rectorate. DAÜ TV, which is carried out by university students and lecturers on a daily basis, is serving as a bridge between Kent-Kapmus by feeding the education mission of the university into its publications. Having a lot of cooperation with the national channels, DAÜ TV gives support to the live broadcast tool and the staff in these productions. EMU TV, which also has the possibility to transmit the events in Kent and Campus with the live broadcasting tool which it has once again, enables the students of the Faculty of Communication to live while still learning more professional broadcasting publishing experience. Students who want to specialize in publishing can work in all areas of this discipline in EMU TV and can focus on the specialties they wish. With its quality and rich content and image, DAÜ TV tries to contribute to the development of both the audience and the working students in a guiding position in its own geography.

Radio EMU

It is also the application radio consisting of Radio East Mediterranean, 2 laboratories, 1 live broadcast studio broadcasting on the FM 106.5 frequency which is located in Rectorate. News, culture-art, documentary and music programs, in particular, can prepare all kinds of radio programs, both technical and production is aimed to be in international standards. It is among the most established radio stations of the island with its 16 years of history and has received awards in prestigious media competitions in Turkey.


EMU TV - RADIO DIRECTOR Specialist ŞEVKET SERKAN Ş +90 392 630 2722

EMU TV/Radio Directorate,

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey