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Department of Paramedics

To train Paramedics who can perform current and scientific first and emergency aid applications to the patients and injured in emergency medical conditions in the pre-hospital emergency health services of the Paramedic Undergraduate Program, and who can ensure that these patients and injured reach health institutions safely and quickly by ambulances when necessary. Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Health Sciences Paramedic Undergraduate Program is to provide theoretical and practical comprehensive emergency care services training to candidates who can practice the paramedic profession with a 4-year undergraduate education.

Our Mission

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus focuses on the protection and development of the health of the individual, family and society in order to contribute to the development of paramedic education, research and services in international environments, takes part as an active member of the health team, and continues its paramedic services within the framework of professional laws and ethical principles and responsibilities, To train paramedics who benefit from the current approaches and methods of science and technology, who take responsibility for lifelong learning and personal development, who create change with their innovative practices, who have advanced analytical and critical thinking skills, and strong leadership qualities.

Vision of the Department

The vision of our department; With the pride of being the first paramedic undergraduate program opened in our country, our graduates are primarily employed in public institutions and the private sector, nationally and internationally known for the education, research and service activities it produces, and to be a pioneer in the field of paramedic education with its innovative approach.


In our program; To train students who are innovative, entrepreneurial, visionary and responsible, have moral values and global knowledge, develop themselves continuously, produce knowledge and create added value by putting the produced knowledge into practice, in the light of up-to-date knowledge and contemporary technologies; Along with our own university staff, it receives professional support in courses and internships from experienced educators from other distinguished universities in Turkey who are specialized in academic and vocational fields. Qualified health personnel who will graduate from our program, which aims to provide a nationally and internationally recognized and preferred education with scientific and technology-based approaches and methods, professional principles and standards; Basic and clinical medicine information about pre-hospital emergency care and rescue, Information about the use of advanced tools and equipment in the field of First and Emergency Aid, Theoretical and applied knowledge gained in the field of First and Emergency Aid, Ability and knowledge to evaluate the scene, Pre-diagnosis and hospital aims to reach the professional skills required for emergency treatment, the knowledge and skills to do the job in the best way, and has the equipment to provide professional development.


There is a sufficient level of internet-supported computer laboratory in our university. EMU's library is adequately equipped in terms of education, training and research. In addition, our University; The Culture and Activity Center, with its indoor sports hall, outdoor tennis courts, astroturf pitch, field and sea facilities for football and athletics, offers its students extensive recreation opportunities where they can engage in social, cultural and sportive activities in their spare time.


Paramedics (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Paramedics

Career Opportunities

Graduates of university, state and private hospitals in emergency triage areas and ambulance services, 112 Ambulances and Private Ambulance companies, Disaster and Emergency (AFAD) and National Medical Rescue Teams (UMKE) search and rescue units, Health Tourism applications, Air, Sea, Land they can be employed in ambulances and they can be employed as academicians after postgraduate education in Universities.


Department of Paramedics
Department of Paramedics, İbn-i Sina Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey

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