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Psychology Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

As one of the principal fields of behavioral sciences, psychology involves the study of human behavior from various perspectives. Personal development, socialisation, interpersonal relationships, human resources, principles of learning and behavioral disorders are some of the basics of psychology. Despite the fact that the Psychology Department is one of the youngest departments of the University, it is recognized as one of the top departments both in the TRNC and within Turkey in the area of psychology education, thanks to its elite academic staff and its quality in research and application.

General Information

With its teaching staff from TRNC, Turkey, Canada, Australia, UK and the USA and the international student population, EMU Psychology Department boasts an international academic environment which enables an enriched scientific and social information exchange between students and faculty members. As the members of a student-centered department, Psychology majors can take tutoring and mentoring from the staff members any time beyond the lecture hours. EMU Psychology Department values the social and academic development of its majors. Therefore, the department continuously supports and encourages the students to prepare projects, presentations within the lectures and self-initiated forums and discussion groups beyond the lecture hours. At the same time, Psychology students can take part in the academics’ research projects and gain information regarding the implementation of Psychology in different areas.


TPD: Türk Psikologlar Derneği


The Department of Psychology Undergraduate Program aims to provide students with fundamental psychology training necessary for them to graduate in various sub-fields of Psychology such as Social, Cognitive, Industrial-Organization, Forensic, Education, Health, Clinical, Development, and Traffic. The objectives of the Undergraduate Program are as follows:

  • Study the relationship between theoretical and applied fields.
  • Examine the historical developments of psychological theories in terms of their philosophical and social expansions.
  • Explore empirical research in different sub-fields to evaluate the effectiveness of psychological processes.
  • Investigate the effects of different disciplines shaped by contemporary psychological approaches and research.
  • Critically evaluate research published in the science of psychology.

The curriculum of the program is based on the well-established EuroPsy (the European Qualification Standard for Psychologists) criteria as well as the Turkish Psychological Association which granted the department accreditation. Decisions taken by the European Federation of Psychological Societies (EFPA)


Existing computer and audio-visual technological possibilities at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are available for the use of psychology students. In addition, the University Library offers books, journals and data bases on psychology to supplement the knowledge gained in the classroom.

The establishment of Behavioral Sciences Laboratory at the beginning of 2010-2011 Academic Year has created an enriched environment for students to participate in experimental studies within the field. The Department also aims to provide a rich social environment for its students. Hence, EMU Psychology Students Club regularly organises informative meetings, scientific trips, movie shows, and reading-discussion groups as well as other collaborative activities with Turkish Psychology Students Working Group and EMU Psychology Days. The Department also owns a bulletin published monthly.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program may continue their academic studies at Master’s or Doctoral Degree level at Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey, Europe or North America. Students who receive their undergraduate degree have the opportunity to work in educational institutions, industry, human resources departments, counseling centers and other private or public sectors that provide psychology services. With its various subfields, the science of Psychology provides services at every levels of social life. Psychotherapy, testing, research supervision, staff selection, enhancing communication within a company, developing assessment tools in education and other similar areas are only a few of the services provided by the program graduates.


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