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Alumni Email

Dear Graduate,

While Eastern Mediterranean University sends you off to your new life, we would like to provide you with a lifelong e-mail address with the domain name ‘’ in order to keep contact with you.

This e-mail address which is hosted by GMAIL can be reached from anywhere in the world and all other e-mail addresses can be forwarded to it.

The e-mail address assigned for you is as follows: “”

You can access your new e-mail account directly from:

Your username is: firstname.surname

Your initial password: your current students portal password

Please change your initial password as soon as you access your account.

If your student portal password is less than 6 characters, please write your password twice. For example, if your student portal password is 1234, your alumni e-mail password would be 12341234.

If your student portal password contains Turkish characters, please replace them with a nearest matching English character. For example, FrŞtklmö can be replaced as FrStklmo.

If your full name contains 3 words and more, your e-mail address will be consisted of the first word and the last word of your full name. For example, if your fullname is Ayşe Nur Ahmet Yahya, your email address is

If you cannot remember the exact address to access your e-mail account, you can visit or where you will find a direct link to access the web page of your new e-mail account.

If you demand a change in your e-mail address or have difficulty in accessing your e-mail account, do not hesitate to contact EMU Computer Center or MIKA (Communications with Alumni and Career Research Office)