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Information Technologies Directorate

Information Technologies Directorate specifies and ensures the provision of the information technology related software and hardware demands of the academic and administrative units within the university. The directorate also provides support regarding the information technology-related data requested by the Rector's Office and renders its services through the Network Management Unit, Software Development Unit, Project Support and Internet Service Unit and the Switchboard and Operation Unit.

Information Technologies Directorate is the oldest Directorate at the university. Initially established as a center, it was later transformed into a directorate and has been functioning as such since 1986.

Information Technologies Directorate is located in a central building on campus that spreads over an area of 750m2. The building houses 2 student laboratories that are open 7/24, 2 training labs, 1 Internationally Authorized Test Center Lab (ECDL, Pearson Vue, Prometric) and 1 system room.

Information Technologies Directorate supplies all the server-system services that help provide academic and administrative functions as well as Intranet and Internet services.

These are:

  • Database Servers
  • Application Software Servers
  • Electronic Message Servers
  • DNS Servers
  • Portal Servers
  • Web Servers
  • FTP Servers
  • Media Server
  • CD Server

All EMU members have a lifelong right to access Internet services like e-mail, web, ftp and the like. The Computer Center has Campus License Protocols with well- known software companies.

All buildings on campus are connected to the central switch over Gigabit Ethernet. Each building has a network switches connecting the end users, which are either connected directly to the center or a main switch at the building. There are about 6000 end users on campus. About 5000 of these are active at one time. The campus network includes wireless networks at various locations.

Our university is connected to the world wide web through two separate Internet connections.

  1. 4000 Mbit (4 Gbps) TTNET connection to Turkish Telecom Network over fiber optic cable
  2. 100 Mbit ULAKNET connection to National Academic Network of Turkey over fiber optic cable

The Center has important engineering and business software packages. The Center offers professional training to the university members or to external bodies. The center is also an authorized training center for CNAP, Microsoft IT Academy and ECDL programs and Pearson Vue, Prometric and ECDL certification center

At EMU, voice service is provided over an ISDN exchange. Services are provided to over 3000 subscribers in 3 regions utilizing the campus network. Two-way direct dialing is enabled with the (630) prefix.

The computer center provides support to many other organizations for Internet solutions. Also, it is taking an active role in the establishment of the North Cyprus National Information Network.


To enable all the EMU students, academics and personnel to access information electronically from anywhere and at anytime through quality and secure services.

Usability and sharing:

  • To allow everyone access to IT services non-stop and from anywhere.
  • To ensure the sharing of common resources

Expansion: To have the capacity to grow so as to meet the needs of the constantly increasing number of users and to establish systems that could find solutions

Mobility: To provide the mobility of solutions to different platforms

Sensitivity to demands: To oblige by the requests, and meet the needs and be responsive to the suggestions of the users

Security: To ensure the authorized users’ getting optimal service and to block unauthorized access.

Encourage participation: to ensure that the current and potential users benefit from IT services

Implementing the changes: to ensure that all modifications that take place throughout the process are implemented to the technological infrastructure

Flexibility: To create an environment where all technological developments can easily be adapted

Standardization: To apply the most essential standards so as to maintain unity and to ensure the productivity of all the campus wide processes

Reasonable cost: To ensure that each and every process is carried out at a reasonable cost

Taking necessary measures in advance: To ensure that all IT services work efficiently, measures are taken in advance


To offer effective, high speed and efficient IT services, to support university-wide IT planning and cooperation, to determine the standards necessary to improve the IT opportunities and coordinate the planning

To provide quality and secure “e-campus”, EMU-Computer Center has assumed as it’s responsibility to provide support with all its technological facilities not only to EMU campus but also to the whole country


DIRECTOR AYTAÇ Ç +90 392 630 2500
SECRETARY NEPTÜN +90 392 630 1264

Information Technologies Directorate,

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey


+90 392 630 1264


+90 392 630 2545