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EMU Faculty of Law is Ready for the New Academic Year

With its strong team of academic staff, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Law, one of the leading law faculties in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Turkey, is ready for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. The Faculty of Law started its academic life in the 1996-1997 Academic Year in collaboration with Ankara University that has been continuing to this day. The undergraduate program of EMU Faculty of Law is a four year program and its language is Turkish. EMU Faculty of Law does not require taking English preparatory classes. The education it provides is based on Turkish Law and the program is very similar to those provided at Turkish universities.

Collaboration with the First University of the World

For students who want to carry out their profession in the TRNC necessary attention is paid to TRNC Law. The Faculty also offers a series of elective courses on different topics, all catering to students’ interest in various legal areas. In addition, English and Legal English also carry importance. Therefore, first and second year students receive a more intense foreign language education than students at other Law Faculties. The EMU Faculty of Law offers elective courses to prepare students who want to carry out their profession in English-speaking countries for the compulsory international TOLES exam.

Within the scope of the collaboration agreement settled between EMU and Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University (UniBo) in 2015, students of EMU Faculty of Law take courses the at Bologna University which is the world’s first and oldest university. EMU’s program is in high demand because of this opportunity that is solely provided to EMU Faculty of Law students.

Strong Academic Staff

EMU Faculty of Law has been running its Postgraduate Program since 2000-2001 Academic Year. This program was established under EMU Institute of Graduate Studies and Research. The program provides students with the opportunity to become experts in the fields of Private Law, Public Law and International Law. The EMU Faculty of Law is also a full member of the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA).

In addition to EMU Faculty of Law’s full-time academic staff, the team includes academic staff members from Turkey’s leading Faculties of Law and the world’s first and oldest university Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University.

An Important First 

EMU Faculty of Law also carried out a first in Cyprus and is running a joint master’s program in the field of Comparative Legal Systems with the University of Bologna. Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive a Joint-Double Degree certified by both universities.  The joint master’s program aims to promote internationalization and innovation in the field of law, to increase the quality and appeal of higher education, to join the expertise of the two big universities in the field of law, to support work concerned with comparative law, to present comparative legal problems with an international legal perspective, to unite different legal disciplines in a research environment and to allow students who cannot receive education at a European standard to do so via EMU.

Vast Job Opportunities 

Students successfully graduating from EMU Faculty of Law are presented with numerous job opportunities. After meeting certain requirements such as exam success and internship in the field, graduates can easily find employment in both the public and private sectors. There are numerous EMU Faculty of Law graduates in Turkey and the TRNC working as lawyers, judges and academicians. In addition, graduates may undertake administrative duties as governors, district governors, inspectors and specialists as law offers graduates a wide spectrum of employment opportunities and a prestigious future.