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EMU Health Sciences Faculty Awaits Future Healthcare Professionals

EMU Health Sciences Faculty Awaits Future Healthcare Professionals

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Health Sciences Faculty awaits new students in 2022-2023 Academic Year Fall Semester. EMU Health Sciences Faculty took its first step to academic life in the 2010-2011 Academic Year by accepting students to the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Department of Nursing. In the 2011-2012 Academic Year, the EMU Health Sciences Faculty established the Department of Sports Sciences and the Department of Health Management which were the first of their kind in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The Faculty kept growing in 2012-2013 Academic Year by establishing the School of Health Services. In the same year, the faculty started to accept students to the Associate Degrees programs of First and Emergency Aid and Anaesthesia. In the following semester, Associate Degrees programs were made available in Dialysis, Medical Imaging Techniques, Physiotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery Services and, Oral and Dental Health. An Orthopedic Prosthetics Orthotics Associate Degree program was established in 2019-2020 Academic Year.  EMU Health Sciences Faculty, which has completed its 10th year of providing education, also offers English-medium Undergraduate programs in Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and, Nursing. Therefore, the faculty has become a gigantic education institution which also offers 3 master’s and 3 PhD programs.

Laboratories of the Highest Standard

Aiming to maximize its laboratory standards for training Healthcare Professionals, EMU Health Sciences successfully completed its advanced technological laboratories in the first year of the faculty. New laboratories are being added to the faculty each year. 

EMU Health Sciences Faculty Awaits Future Healthcare Professionals

The Aim is to contribute to Community Health as well Providing Quality Education

EMU Health Sciences Faculty puts great importance to national and international accreditations. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation undergraduate program, Nutrition and Dietetics undergraduate program achieved to get a 5-year accreditation from Health Sciences Education Programs Accreditation Board (SABAK). At the same time, the Department of Nursing continues its accreditation process. Aiming not only to train professionals but also to contribute to community health, EMU Faculty of Health Sciences opened the Wellness Center, Prosthesis Orthotics and Biomechanics Center, which started to provide services in the TRNC in the first year of its establishment, into service with the support of its academic staff who are experts in their fields.

Climbing the steps one by one with the departments, centers and modern laboratories it establishes, EMU Health Sciences Faculty will continue to grow in the coming years with its new academicians, new departments, new laboratories and new centers by continuing its efforts to integrate into the modern and advanced education systems in the world.

Mehtap Malkoç 

Qualified Healthcare Professionals for the Future of the Country

In a statement, EMU Health Sciences Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Mehtap Malkoç emphasized that they are shaping their scientific activities based on the requirements of the country and in line with global developments. Prof. Dr. Malkoç stated: “We are training our students to be ethical individuals who possess the skills required for creative thinking and feel a sense of responsibility towards society. We want our students to be sharers, researchers, productive, open to innovation, professionals who participate in multidisciplinary work with well-rounded thoughts and a principle of always learning new information.”

Prof. Dr. Malkoç underlined that the faculty’s aim is to be an education and research institution at an international level with its scientific studies and pioneering innovations, which produces, disseminates and implements information at the level that our country needs in the field of health, trains highly qualified individuals for the future of the country, and has leadership qualities. In this context, Prof. Dr. Malkoç stated that they have taken serious steps to create new application areas for students with the awareness that practical case experiences are as important as theoretical and theoretical knowledge in every department of the faculty. Prof. Dr. Mehtap Malkoç concluded by stating: “Our goal is to train highly qualified healthcare professionals who represent our university in our country and at the international platforms. Moreover, we want to be a pioneer in developing collaborations between our faculty and society in order to increase the quality of living and health standards of society.”