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EMU “General Psychology” Doctorate Program to bring up Qualified Psychologists

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YODAK) and the Republic of Turkey Higher Education Council (YÖK) approved Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences, “General Psychology” doctorate program has started to admit students for the Fall Semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Özarslan stated that the English-medium program aims to train competent psychologists who are sensitive to professional ethical principles, competent in their profession and have the ability to think scientifically. The program boasts modern laboratory facilities, strong staff and research facilities.

Fatih Bayraktar

EMU Psychology Department Chair Prof. Dr. Fatih Bayraktar stated the following on the subject: “Since its establishment, EMU Psychology Department has been carrying out educational and research activities in line with international standards. One of the main aims of the department is to provide the students with knowledge about the sub-branches and research methods of Psychology and to provide the necessary infrastructure for their specialization. In this context, I would like to share with happiness and pride that after the General Psychology master's program that started admitting students in 2018, our General Psychology doctorate program has become active with the approval of YÖDAK and YÖK.

The aim of our General Psychology doctoral program, which will focus on Social, Developmental and Cognitive Psychology, is to attract the most demanded qualified academic staff into the science of Psychology. For this purpose, I would like to point out that our research laboratories are getting stronger every year. For example, the EEG system, which is used to measure brain waves, has been brought to the Department of Psychology in the new term. In addition, the efforts to renovate the behavior observation laboratory with NOLDUS Information Technologies continue at full speed. The Cognitive Behavior Laboratory, which includes SPSS, MATLAB and QSR NVivo10 systems, is open to the use of all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Psychology departments are becoming more and more popular, especially with the effect of the pandemic. At a time when the number of Psychology departments in Turkey and the TRNC is increasing day by day, the EMU Psychology Department English-medium program is among the 12 programs accredited by the Turkish Psychologists Association Accreditation Supreme Board authorized by the Republic of Turkey Higher Education Institution. Our program is still the only accredited Psychology program amongst the TRNC universities.

Finally, I wish our General Psychology doctorate program to be beneficial for our faculty, university and science, and express my hope that the new program contributes to EMU Psychology Department’s vision of quality education and research.”