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Gastronomy Master's Program (Turkish with Thesis) (M.S., 1 - 2 Years)

As it is known, in general, gastronomy sector is a labor-intensive sector, and it is inevitable to have management problems especially in middle and upper level management positions from time to time. Today, both in Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus gastronomy tourism trend toward shifting to the tourism sector, followed by Turkey in our country, "citta slow" and accordingly "slow food" movement sees demand day by day. The Gastronomy Master's program is approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). In particular, due to the high demand for undergraduate education, there is a shortage of faculty members in the field of gastronomy. In addition to raising this gap and increasing knowledge in the fields related to the food and beverage industry, the aim of the program is to accredit the quality of applied education at international level, to reach excellence in gastronomy education and to meet the expectations of the sector by strengthening the cooperation with the sector, and to educate graduates with indispensable qualities.

The objectives of the program within the framework of these objectives are:

  • To educate academician candidates on Gastronomy and Culinary Arts programs,
  • To contribute to the increase in the number of qualified and educated manager candidates, who are deprived in the food and beverage sectors,
  • To contribute researches on Cyprus cuisine,
  • To provide a training program that will encourage students to develop their analytical thinking and communication skills and encourage them to be creative and researcher in a way that will enable them to be trained as the qualified candidate candidates who will be able to develop and implement this knowledge and to develop and apply this knowledge,
  • To train senior executive candidates in the tourism sector, and
  • To provide a Master program that will encourage students to be creative and researcher in order to raise their analytical thinking and communication skills in a way that will enable them to be educated as candidates who are knowledgeable and equipped with the skills and skills to develop and apply this knowledge.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to M.S. program should have a B.S. degree in tourism and hotel management, hospitality management, gastronomy and culinary arts or social sciences field with a CGPA greater than 2.5/4.0.

Research Interests

Research interests include gastronomy tourism, food and beverage management, food and beverage habits, history of gastronomy, gastronomy and communication, international restaurant establishments, sensory analysis in gastronomy, nutrition anthropology and Cyprus and Turkish cuisines.


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