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Economics Doctoral Program (Ph.D., 3,5 - 5 Years)

The objective of the Ph.D. program in economics at Eastern Mediterranean University is to equip its graduates with the skills in economic theory, quantitative methods and policy analysis to be able to teach economics at an advanced level, and to conduct economic research and analyze economic problems and policies with a highest level of professionalism.

Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in economics are required to complete eight courses (24 credit-hours) and a dissertation. The program consists of four required core courses. In addition, the students must complete four elective courses in economics. After completing all the required courses, one is required to pass four qualifying examinations in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, and the area in which they have chosen their dissertation topic. After successfully completing these examinations one must complete a Ph.D. dissertation and have one article published from the dissertation in a qualified journal in order to obtain the Ph.D. degree.

Students who wish to pursue the Ph.D. program in economics but have completed a Master's degree in another field may be admitted to the program, subject to successfully completing selected prerequisite undergraduate and graduate economics courses.

Admission Requirements

Applications to the PhD program at Department of Economics are accepted twice a year, prior to the beginning of each semester. All applicants for whom English is a second language may be required to pass an English proficiency examination, or present a recent TOEFL score above 550 for PhD candidates. PhD program requirements in addition to the Master's qualification prior to entry, vary depending on the program.

Prospective applicants are required to fill out an application form available at the Registrar's Office, and submit the completed form, together with a letter of reference and an official transcript of all graduate and undergraduate coursework completed up to the time of application. Candidates, who are not citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or the Republic of Turkey, are required in addition to submit a document of financial guarantee showing that sufficient funds are available for tuition and living expenses.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have a wide area of employment opportunities. Their knowledge and skills in economics as well as their good command of English and computer applications, as well as familiarity with global issues opens up employment opportunities in international organizations, multinational companies and public services and in private businesses.


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