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Karim Rashid - 7th International Design Week

Karim Rashid - 7th International Design Week


As part of the annually organized International Design Week of the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Architecture Faculty and Design Club, world famous designer Karim Rashid will be taking to the stage on Tuesday, the 16th of May 2017 at Othello Castle in Famagusta. EMU Architecture Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek issued a statement about the event set to commence at 19:45, during a press conference organized at EMU Tower Bar on Friday, the 12th of May 2017 at 13:00

EMU’s Architecture Faculty is preparing to host an important activity to cover design which has gathered global momentum in recent years. The annual “EMU International Design Week” organized by the EMU Architecture Faculty is taking place with the theme “The HUB” this year. Doyennes of the Architecture World including Karim Rashid, Nevzat Sayın, Han Tümertekin and Abdi Güzer will be participating in the Design Week as well as architecture/design schools from all over the world and Fuksas Architecture Office.

Known for his unique and striking interior and exterior designs Karim Rashid is gathering attention from all over the world. With over 4000 designs created in over 40 countries in his office in New York as well as more than over 300 awards, Karim Rashid has gained worldwide recognition as a legendary figure in the design world. By attending the 7th EMU International Design Week individuals will gain the opportunity to hear first hand from Karim Rashid who claims that design will change the world.

EMU International Design Week aims to approach design as a requisite vision and cultural factor in order to create a better world by questioning, re-thinking and giving rise to thought. With a unique perspective, the Design Week activities aim for students, academicians, designers, artists and those who show interest in the modern learning model of EMU Architecture Faculty to focalize design. With its rich program including workshops, conferences, seminars and presentations, the EMU International Design Week is taking firm steps towards becoming a global design event for students who follow modern design developments, designers and anyone who believes in the vital importance of design.

The aims of the annual event which is carried out with a different theme each year can be summarised as follows: drawing a correspondence between global design developments, promoting the point the country has reached in national and international platforms, forming collaborations via design, improving existing collaborations and creating a platform in which students, academicians and sectoral representatives can learn together via practical experience. The event also aims to associate all participants to Cyprus’s rich history, culture and social structure, in other words to share our country’s rich cultural heritage via design. The program of the EMU International Design Week can be obtained from the webpage: