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EMU To Host 6th Design Week

EMU To Host 6th Design Week

Organised by Eastern Mediterranean University Architecture Faculty and Design Club, 6th International Design Week will be taking place at EMU Architecture Faculty between 16 and 20 May under the theme of ‘3S: Sound-Space-Soul’.

The 6th Design Week aims to contribute to students’ knowledge and experience through different workshops, seminars, and other activities.

In this regard, on 16 May 2016,  architect, designer of industrial products and artist Yılmaz Zenger, architect Iliona Outram Khalili and EMU Communication Faculty Dean Ümit İnatçı will be taking part in a panel which will take place at EMU Mehmet Tahiroğlu Hall  (Blue Hall).

Following the official opening of the Design Week, a total of 12 concurrent workshops will be held for three days with the participation of guest architects, designers, academicians and artists. The said workshops will finish with performance shows, mini concerts and the presentation of certificates to participants.

The last activity of the 6th International Design Week will take place in the format of a project presentation on Friday, 20 May 2016.  During the said presentation, EMU Architecture Faculty, Design-Research Center will be presenting information on the new Central Lecture Halls and Education Faculty Building, both of which have been designed by the said center in the green building format.