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5th International Design Week in EMU

5th International Design Week in EMU

Organised by Eastern Mediterranean University Architecture Faculty in collaboration with the Design Club, 5th International Design Week took place with the theme ‘Green Gesture’. Participated by over 500 students and a large group of faculty members, 5th Design Week hosted 18 workshops, 2 film screening activities and short concerts.

During the 5th International Design Week, seminars including world renowned Turkish Cypriot architect Ali Yapıcıoğlu’s “Rammed Earth”, Spanish architect Santiago Cirugeda Parejo’s “From Individual to Collective” and Cyprus International University academic staff member and Fine Arts and Design Faculty Vice Dean, Turkish Cypriot architect Dr. Cemil Atakara’s “Sustainable Awareness” were delivered. Additionally, TOBB University of Economics and Technology Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Program academic staff members and students also took part in the activities.

Through the theme of “Green Gesture”, 5th International Design Week aimed to raise awareness regarding sustainable designs. In this respect, extra materials, plastic bottles, tin cans, paper, newspapers, and carboards were used as main materials during the workshops. Outcomes of the workshops taking place for three days were exhibited in Architecture Faculty’s Colored Building and Faculty yard. 5th International Design Week finished with a certificate ceremony.

5th Design Week which took place under the sponsorship of KTMMOB – Chambers of Architects, Deniz Plaza, Harmony Stationery, Buse Stationery ve Azgan Crafts Wizard provided a productive environment for future as well as current designers.