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EMU Health Sciences Faculty Organizes Oath-Taking Ceremony for Spring Semester Graduates

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Health Sciences Faculty and School of Health Services organized an Oath-Taking Ceremony for its 2021 – 2022 Academic Year Spring Semester graduates on Tuesday, 4 July 2022 at 13:00 at Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center. Nearly 400 healthcare professionals took their oaths during the ceremony. EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Hasan Demirel, Health Sciences Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Mehtap Malkoç, Faculty of Pharmacy Dean Prof. Dr. Müberra Koşar, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research Director Prof. Dr. Ali Hakan Ulusoy, Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School Director Assist. Prof. Dr. Ramadan and faculty members attended the event.

Following the national anthem and a minute of silence, the ceremony commenced with a recital by EMU Education Faculty Fine Arts Education Department, Music Teaching Program academic staff member Erkan Dağlı and Pianist Atakan Sarı.

Top student of the Health Sciences Faculty and Department of Dietetics Seran Çetintaş and, top student of the School of Health Services, Oral and Dental Health Associate Program Zilan Çelik delivered speeches on behalf of the graduates. Moreover, Ndey Penda Mboob, a graduate of the Department of Nursing and second top student in the faculty, also delivered a speech representing the English-medium programs of the Faculty of Health Sciences. EMU Health Sciences Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Malkoç presented souvenirs to the students.  

“It requires Great Responsibility”

Delivering the opening speech of the Oath Ceremony, EMU Health Sciences Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Malkoç welcomed everyone and underlined that they came together for a very honorable sharing. Making statements about the mission and goal of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Malkoç thanked everyone who contributed to the graduation process of the students. Addressing the students, Prof. Dr. Malkoç said, “My dear colleagues, you are completing one chapter and moving on a new one after a tough training period. Being a Health Scientist entails great responsibility. I believe that you will practice your profession by sticking to your professional oath. May your path be clear and full of success”.

“EMU’s Doors will always be Open for You”

Speaking at the ceremony, EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Hocanın provided information about EMU and stated that they are proud of the breakthroughs made in the field of health. Prof. Dr. Hocanın emphasized that EMU has always been the leader among universities in the TRNC in terms of quality in education, research and community service. Stating that EMU has proved the quality of its education from various accreditations institutions, Prof. Dr. Hocanın also stated that it was certified that the Faulty of Health Sciences provides world-class education. Rector Prof. Dr. Hocanın wished the best to all students saying that they have a home in the TRNC and that the doors of EMU are always open to them.

“We are Happy and Proud”

EMU Board of Trustees President Dr. Erdal Özcenk’s speech addressing the students was; “You all complete your training and proudly stand before your families and us with your diplomas in your hands. Congratulations to you and your devoted families. You are all stakeholders of health. I sincerely believe that you will keep your oath. I am proud of you. I wish you success in your future life”.

Took Oaths on Their Commitment to Principles and Ethical Values

Students graduating from EMU Health Sciences Faculty, Departments of Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, Health Management, Sports Sciences undergraduate programs and from Oral and Dental Health, Anesthesia, Operating Room Services, Dialysis, Physiotherapy, First and Emergency Aid, Radiotherapy and Medical Students associate degree programs took their oaths with accompanied by their program coordinators. EMU Health Sciences and School of Health Services graduates took an oath before starting their careers this year, as they do every year, and expressed their commitment to the principles and ethical values they will abide by throughout their professional lives.