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Psychological Support to Staff and Students from PDRAM due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Psychological Support to Staff and Students from PDRAM due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear EMU Students and Staff,

While the entire humanity is going through an extraordinary period, it is obvious that this process has psychologically challenged and worried us from time to time. This epidemic, affecting the whole world with its unfortunate outcomes, has become a situation making us feel anxious both at the individual and social level.

For some of us, the anxiety turns into a functional dimension, which helps us take the necessary precautions for the unwanted situation, keeping us away from risks. Yet for others, this process may be more challenging than it should be and can significantly affect the quality of the daily life sustained under today's conditions (e.g. insomnia, stocking up in panic, constantly listening to symptoms in the body and so forth.).

The individual may experience difficulty in coping with these conditions on his/her own. There may be many reasons for this varying from person to person. Therefore, although some general recommendations are effective for most of us, they may not always be able to help everyone. At this point, it is very important to have social support especially from our partners, family, friends, and neighbours etc. Keeping in touch with people who know us closely and we feel close to, even remotely, can actually help us significantly. In addition, we, as EMU-PDRAM psychologists, are ready to offer you psychological support within the framework of our expertise. In this respect, we will continue to provide you with useful information and recommendations regularly through our website ( ) and our new facebook account (EMU PDRAM).

In addition, we kindly inform you that despite the fact that the individual counseling services we offer have been interrupted for some time due to the extraordinary situation we are in, we will only be available over the phone at certain times to offer short, fast and solution-oriented guidance complying with ethical principles in cases of emergency where you would need professional support.  Please find the contact details below.

Contact Numbers:  Weekdays between   9:30 and 16:30

0392 630 3222

0392 630 3223

0392 630 3224

0392 630 3225

0392 630 3226

In addition, EMU-PDRAM psychiatrist Dr. Mehmet Yağlı will also offer services at 0533 868 7756 on weekdays between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Best regards,