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New Covid-19 Precautions

Dear EMU Staff and Students,

Please be informed that our University's Pandemic Board convened on 23 June, 2022 and decided to act in line with the decisions taken by the TRNC Ministry of Health Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee on 22 June, 2022 as stated below.

  1. Masks should be used in crowded meetings/organizations (including classes, exams) to be held in closed areas.
  2. Persons with symptoms will have to wear a mask and take an antigen test. If the antigen test result is positive, a PCR test will have to be taken. Despite the negative antigen test results, persons with severe symptoms will be able to take a PCR test at the doctor's request.
  3. Persons who come into contact with COVID-19 positive individuals will continue their daily lives wearing a mask, and monitoring possible symptoms. If such people do not have any symptoms, they will take  an antigen test on the 5th day.

We wish all EMU staff and students healthy days.