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Travelling Procedures within the Scope of COVID-19 Measures

Travelling Procedures within the Scope of COVID-19 Measures

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students will be exempted from the PCR Test and Quarantine fees payment.

As of 14th December 2020, 10 days quarantine will be applied.

The following text is a mutual statement released by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and Ministry of Health. Moreover, the statement is also released as a NOTAM by the Department of Civil Aviation operating under the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.


  1. The risk categories that determine the procedures during the entrance to the country has been lowered down to one category. According to this latest category, individuals who are coming to the country from abroad must present a negative PCR test result (done within the last 3 days) to the Ministry of Health officer on their arrival. Then, they will be subject to a 7-day (As of 14th December a 10-day quarantine stay) quarantine stay. Another PCR test will be done at the end of the 7-day quarantine period. Individuals who fail to present a negative PCR test result during their arrival will not be able to enter the country.
  2. The no-quarantine procedure that was previously applied for individuals travelling to our country by Charter flights, private flights and/or scheduled flights for a stay of 3-days or less is cancelled and will not be in effect. Hereby, no-quarantine entrances to the country within the notam dates is terminated.
  3. The quarantine procedures for people going abroad due to an official duty or health conditions will be evaluated by the Ministry of Health upon their requests.
  4. Individuals who will buy flight tickets to travel to our country by air will be subject to a HES code checking (to be done by the travel agency) prior to the ticket purchasing procedure. Tickets should not be sold to people whose HES code statuses are “contact” and/or “Covid-19 positive”. In an event of getting a positive PCR test result following the second PCR done after the arrival to the country, travel agencies will be subject to criminal action within the scope of Contagious Disease Regulations for selling flight ticket(s) to individual(s) who are stated as Covid-19 positive or contact during their HES code checks.
  5. PCR test result is not required for children between the ages of 0-5.
  6. PCR tests written in Turkish and English will be accepted. Other test results written in another languages will not be accepted.
  7. The 3-day procedure for PCR tests mentioned above will be evaluated based upon the date that the PCR samples are taken. It is sufficient to calculate the days between the date written on the test result documents and the date individuals will travel, and there is no need to make a specific time calculation.
  8. PCR test results received 4 or more days prior to the travel will not be valid on the arrival to the country. Individuals who present such kind of test results will not be able to enter the country. The travelling date for connecting flights is the date of the first flight.
  9. PCR test results of individuals travelling from Turkey to TRNC must have a QR code.
  10. All the test and quarantine expenses are the responsibility of the travelers. There is no exceptions. TRNC citizens travelling to Cyprus are also subject to paying their test and quarantine expenses. Persons who want to enter the country will be able to fly Cyprus with a receipt they receive by paying the fees specified below. Airlines will not accept any passengers who fail to present payment receipts.
  11. NHS (National Health Service) tests of individuals travelling from United Kingdom will be accepted upon their arrival. SMS result sent by the NHS will also be accepted for passenger who fail to present a printed document due to the lockdown currently being applied in the United Kingdom. All the Covid-19 tests done to TRNC citizen students studying in the UK by their universities are valid. This procedure is only limited with the UK.
  12. TRNC citizens travelling to Turkey for short visits will be able to present their PCR test results (done within the last 3 days prior they travelled to Turkey) on their travel back to TRNC. These individuals will be subject to a 7-day quarantine.
  13. The procedures will be in effect from the 8th of December 2020 to the 23rd of December 2020 (both dates included).


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