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Measures Taken in Dormitories for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Measures Taken in Dormitories for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the Eastern Mediterranean University Rector’s Office, we hope that no students or employees are affected by the COVID-19 virus in the current outbreak we are experiencing. In this context, we have taken and are taking all types of measures within our capacity.

As part of the measures taken at this point, it is highly important to be careful in the following subjects both in our own dormitories and all private dormitories where our students reside.

  1. During this period, no visitors or guests from outside should be allowed in all dormitories.
  2. It is more appropriate to keep the public dining areas of the dormitories such as restaurants / cafeterias closed and to deliver take away services to rooms.
  3. It is important for all dormitories to keep a record of students who have gone abroad and to inform the University administration upon demand. Let's not forget that in the upcoming period, we may have to make some plans and initiate new practices together in line with the decisions to be taken by the TRNC Council of Ministers and our Rectorate.
  4. It is important to remind the student residents of the dormitories that there is a possibility of the extension of the 14-day quarantine applied to everyone returning back to the island from abroad and that they may be subject to such an application upon their return.
  5. Students residing in dormitories should be warned frequently to comply with hygiene rules and to avoid crowded places.
  6. Despite the cleaning and hygiene of common areas are handled by cleaning staff, it is highly important that our students are warned to pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of their own rooms.
  7. The student residents should be informed of your contact numbers (preferably mobile phone numbers) in order for them to be able to reach you in case of an emergency. In this scope, it is important that the staff in your dormitory is on duty at all times.
    In all dormitories, administrative staff should be present in buildings, either full time or in shifts,  and respond to the needs of the residents behind the counter.

In addition, EMU security unit operates on the campus on a full-time basis. In short, it is our goal to meet the needs without making close contact with individuals.

It is important that we overcome this period in a way that students who stay in our dormitories do not feel alone in the premises, and, at the same time, staff protects themselves.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation for your sensitivity. 

Best regards,
EMU Rectorate