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Managerial Economics Master's Program (Turkish without Thesis) (M.S., 1 - 1.5 Years)

Global competition is increasing day-by-day, increasing conditions of companies; socioeconomic change and developments need to be seen and analyzed in a timely and accurate manner, and manager candidates who can turn analysis results into a competitive advantage. The Master's program in Management Economics is aimed at educating graduates who can analyze the impact of economic events and decisions in business management in a strong way. The aim of the discipline of management economics is to approach the administrative processes with an economic point of view. The firm's strengths are already identified and strengthened, and solutions to the problems faced by the firm are developed; the use of economic analysis tools and the proper use of these tools constitute the basis of discipline. Problems of firms; it can also be affected by environmental factors, national or international fluctuations as well as by managerial activities. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the necessary economic method and analyze the situation accurately and precisely before applying the vehicle. This necessity also includes; risk analysis, forecasting and decision making techniques.

The aim of the Master's Program in Management Economics; change and development in and around the enterprise; to train executives and manager candidates who will be able to realize and analyze in a timely, accurate and complete manner and turn analysis results into a competitive advantage for business.

Admission Requirements

The above-mentioned graduateThe above-mentioned graduate programs are open to all successful undergraduate graduates, regardless of the program they graduated from, with a GPA greater than 2.5/4.0. program are open to all successful undergraduate graduates, regardless of the program they graduated from, with a GPA greater than 2.5/4.0.

Research Interests

A wide range of business opportunities for graduate graduates. Thanks to the economic expertise and skills, they have gained, and with the help of increased market analysis knowledge and the perspective, they have gained against global problems. They have wide employment opportunities in both public, private and international organizations namely, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations (UNOPS, UNDP, etc.), the World Trade Organization, European Union institutions and organizations, multinational corporations and consultancy firms among others. In addition, our students often work in their various countries government offices, the Central Bank, the commercial banks, the Treasury, the stock exchange, and non-governmental organizations.


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