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Urban Design Master's Program (without Thesis) (M.U.D., 1 - 1.5 Years)

EMU’s Master of Urban Design is a project-based interdisciplinary program of advanced study in which exceptional architects, landscape architects, and planners holding professional degrees partake of an intense, focused learning experience of 12 months’ duration.

Program deals with the design and construction of cities, part of cities and or urban elements, while providing necessary inputs to different designers to help them design under a common language within the framework of larger pieces of urban land, the development of which is spread over time. It aims to give knowledge about the use of administrative, legal and fiscal tools with reference to real world situation.

The program makes full use of its setting in Cyprus, an island with great historical, traditional and natural qualities and explores its evolving environments of settlements which act as wide ranging planning and urban design laboratories for the studio-based projects. The international case studies are encouraged as well. Students share working methods, acquire additional skills, and explore new avenues of development under the supervision of an interdisciplinary group of faculty members.

Admission Requirements

The candidates for admission to the Master Program in Urban Design must satisfy the requirements of the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research of the university as well as the Departmental requirements. Candidates for admission to the Master of Urban Design Program should have a B.Arch. degree in architecture or in a relevant related discipline.

Documents needed to apply to the programs offered by the Department of Architecture

In addition to the documents specified in the application form, the Department of Architecture also requires:

  • A Portfolio [Content of the portfolio includes all research and architectural projects produced in the undergraduate and/or postgraduate courses and other professional skills and performances (in A4, A3 hardcopy or CD format)]
  • A curriculum vitae (CV),
  • Reference Letter(s),
  • A Copy of the last Diploma,
  • Transcripts of previous degrees,
  • A letter of Intention / proposal (in which the field and reasons of study of the candidates are clearly stated.)
  • Master thesis abstract (only for PhD applicants)
  • Scientific publications (if any)(only for PhD applicants)

Research Interests

Architectural design, Architectural design theory, Architectural history, Architectural education, Architecture, Identity and N.Cyprus, Vernacular architecture, Tourism architecture, Housing design, Housing policies, Housing education, Architecture and the city, Urban representation, Urban culture, Architecture and politics, Cultural heritage, Restoration, Building and urban conservation, Urban design (theory & education), Urban regeneration & revitalization, Sustainability, Environmental conservation, Open building design, Green architecture, Intelligent building design, Construction, Structure and architecture, Earthquake, Materials and architecture, Construction management, Risk management, Environmental control, Environmental issues, Integration of building systems, Interior design, Furniture design, Lighting and colour theory in design, Acoustics, Environmental control in interior design, Renovation, Human behaviour in interior space, Design for disabled.


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