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Music Teaching Master's Program (Turkish with Thesis) (M.A., 1 - 2 Years)

The purpose of the thesis-based master's programme offered by the Department of Music Teaching is to enable the student to acquire profound knowledge in professional and academic aspects of music education and to ensure that the candidate has the necessary skills to conduct research in the field. It is designed for individuals with an undergraduate degree in the field of music teaching who want to pursue an academic career, learn about innovations in the field of music education, conduct research aimed at contributing to knowledge in the field of music education.

The main mission of the graduate programme in music education can be summed up as follows: contributing to local and global music culture, enabling acquisition of professional and academic knowledge and experience in the field, imparting information about contemporary approaches to music educationand about the latest developments in music technology, training of experts needed in the field of music education, who will also have strong research skills and capacity to contribute to creation of knowledge and educational strategy through original work in the field.

Admission Requirements

Candidates applying for the Master’s programme (M.S.) must have graduated from a bachelor’s programme that provides at least four years of undergraduate education in music teaching at home or abroad. Candidates are required to have a GPA of at least 2.5 out of 4.0. For candidates who are Turkish nationals, an ALES exam (verbal score) of 55 is also required. Candidates who meet these conditions are accepted to the music teaching master's programme after a successful interview.

Research Interests

Music education, voice education, instrument education, music pedagogy, early childhood music education, music technologies, composing techniques and methods, creativity education, new music teaching methods.


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