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Electrical and Electronic Engineering Doctoral Program (Ph.D., 3,5 - 5 Years)

Research is an integral part of an institution of higher education. Following the establishment of the graduate programs in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, there has been rapid development in graduate studies, complemented by an active research environment. The objective of the graduate program is to establish firm background knowledge and cultivate initiative abilities in students that will enable them to engage in advanced applied and theoretical research.

Admission Requirements

Master of Science applicants should have a minimum Bachelor’s degree CGPA of 2.50/4.00 in the field of Electrical and Electronic engineering or relevant fields. PhD program requirements in addition to the Master’s qualification, prior to entry, acquire a minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00 in the undergraduate study. For PhD applicants with undergraduate CGPA in the range (2.75-3.00)/4.00, an international conference paper, and for those in the range (2.00-2.75)/4.00 an international journal paper (in the ISI Master List) is required as an additional requirement, respectively.

Research Interests

Communications; CDMA, OFDM, Channel and source coding, Turbo codes, Performance bounds and exact solutions, Adaptive equalization, Coding theory and coded modulation techniques, Multi-beam antennas, Microstrip antennas, FDTD analysis, Electromagnetic scattering Signal & Image Processing; Spectral estimation, Adaptive filtering, Filter bank theory, Wavelet transforms and applications, Watermarking, Face identification, Person or vehicle tracking, Model based video coding, Robotics Information Technologies/Computer Networks; Video conferencing, Distance learning, Computer networks Power Electronics; Power filters, UPS inverters


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