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Diplomacy and Conflict Management Master's Program (with Thesis) (M.A., 1 - 2 Years)

The Diplomacy and Conflict Management program covers various disciplines such as International Relations, International Law, Conflict Resolution and Global Governance. The program provides a general framework of conflict and conflict resolution in both theoretical and practical terms. Basic concepts, definitions, theories and approaches on the causes of the conflict and approaches on interventions to conflicts are presented in the program. In this sense, the sources and the causes of the conflicts, factors, stakeholders and their interests and positions, conflict dynamics, various preventive methods, negotiations that are involved in conflict transformation are the topics that will be taught to the students.This program that includes theoretical and practical elements provides the necessary information and skills for various careers including local mediation, international humanitarian aid and peace building organizations. The program will also establish links between local, regional and global actors and will provide the necessary networks for the students that will participate in the program.

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Admission Requirements

Applicants to M.S. program should have a B.S. degree in Social Sciences with a CGPA greater than 2.5/4.0.

Research Interests

Conflict resolution, mediation and peace building, international law theory, law of the sea, politics of federalism, politics of identity and nationalism, politics of history education, political corruption, international migration, survey analysis, state-society relations, social constructivism, deliberative forums, freedom of movement, immigration, anti-discrimination legislation , post-positivist political thought, critical political economy, political Islam, Middle East politics, Salafi Jihadism, weapons of mass destruction, proliferation of nuclear weapons, United Nations, Europeanization, conditionality, European Union (EU) in international law, EU and the resolution of disputes, contemporary Turkish politics, Turkish foreign policy, Cyprus problem and international law, Cyprus politics


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