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Business Administration Doctoral Program (Ph.D., 3,5 - 5 Years)

The Business Administration Doctoral Program admits students who are interested in pursuing research mainly in areas related to marketing, human resources and organizational behaviour, and entrepreneurship. The first two years of the program involves coursework, culminating in a comprehensive exam after which another two to three years are spent on research and completion of a doctoral thesis. All doctoral students are expected to contribute to scientific literature in their field through at least one publication in a journal covered by the SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index). Traditionally, our doctoral students are financially supported either partially or fully for tuition and, to some extent, for living expenses through assistantships.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to doctoral program are strongly encouraged to submit GMAT or GRE scores, as well as a 5000 word statement of purpose outlining their research interests and intentions. There are no set limits to the academic fields that we recruit from but we insist that all doctoral applicants have strong bachelors and masters background that is highly relevant to proposed area of research.

Research Interests

The following is an indicative list of our research interests at doctoral research level: nonunion employee representation plans, unionization, network relationships in IR systems, positive employee-employer relations, employee development, sustainable development strategies, stakeholder relationships, corporate social responsibility, international marketing, consumer behavior, entrepreneurship, business development services, cognitive styles, human resource management, recruitment and selection, organizational justice, customer satisfaction, service marketing, service quality, export models for SME’s.


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