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Banking and Finance Master's Program (Online without Thesis) (M.S., 1 - 1.5 Years)

Department of Banking and Finance offers fully designed program for professionals who intends to obtain their graduate degree online and at the same time build their career. Online Executive Masters Program equips its students with modern knowledge for waving along with global financial and banking changes. The program is prepared for busy professionals around the world, therefore all course materials and textbooks are conveniently delivered to them through the internet. The program delivers a highly respected degree through On-line Executive Masters Program in Banking and Finance that is as demanding and rewarding as our traditional on-campus MS in Banking and Finance program. Also the program is as effective and satisfying as the traditional on-campus program as it focuses on the individual students.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are expected to satisfy general admission requirements of the Institute. In general, students who wish to pursue a given graduate program in the Faculty of Business and Economics, but have completed a BA/BS in another field may be admitted to the program, subject to successfully completing selected prerequisite courses from the related department.

Research Interests

Public Finance, Economic Development, Taxation, Investment Appraisal, Project Finance and Risk Analysis, Micro And Small Enterprise Finance, Financial Liberalization, Financial Crises and Restructuring, Banking Structure and Performance, Social Capital, Dividend Policy, Equity Offerings, Capital Structure, Emerging Markets Finance, Corporate Governance, International Economics, International Trade Theory And Policy, International Finance, Exchange Rate, Economics Policy and Regimes, Econometrics and Growth Models, Microeconomic Theory and Policy, Structure-Conduct and Performance in Banking Financial System and Economic Growth, Governance and Ownership Issues in Banking, Banking Crises and Banking Failures, Profitability in Banking, Capital Adequacy in Banking, Supervision And Regulation, Marketing Strategies in Financial Services, Banking in EU, Financial Marketing, Monetary Union.


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