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EMU Ranks Second Islandwide In Nature Index’s Cyprus 2022 University Rankings

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) was named the best university in Northern Cyprus and the second best higher education and research institution in the whole island in the Physical Sciences category of the 2022 universities and institutes ranking of Nature Index.

EMU Ranks Second Islandwide In Nature Index’s Cyprus 2022 University Rankings

Whilst EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences has achieved significant success in Nature Index in the last five years, the Department of Physics, which is under the roof of the faculty, continued to be the department contributing the most to this success. Nature Index makes monthly and annual success rankings by indexing articles on Medicine, Health, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences published in 82 of the world's most respected academic journals.

The academic staff members of the Physics Department operating under the EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences have contributed greatly to the achieved success. All of the 7 scientific articles published in prestigious academic journals in 2022, scanned by the Nature Index and addressed to EMU, were produced by the faculty members of the Physics Department.

Publications made by EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Physics Department academic staff members can be accessed at .

Scientific articles that contributed to EMU’s being ranked 2nd in the Nature Index Cyprus 2022 list have been produced by EMU Physics Department Vice Chair Prof. Dr. Seyedhabibollah Mazsarimousavi, Distinguished Professor of Physics Prof. Dr. Mustafa Halilsoy, Faculty Members of the Physics Department Prof. Dr. Omar Mustafa, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Övgün and Research Assistant Mert Mangut.