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EMU Physics Program PhD Student Publishes an Article on Hawking Radiation

Eastern Mediterranean University, Arts and Sciences Faculty, Physics Department PhD student Ali Övgün published an article entitled ‘Entangled Particles Tunneling From a Schwarzschild Black Hole immersed in an Electromagnetic Universe with GUP’ (DOI: 10.1007/s10773-016-2923-0 ) in one of the most reputable Physics journals of America named International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Springer.

Having published a total of 15 articles, 8 of which have been published in SCI-indexed journals and 7 of which are awaiting for publication again in SCI-indexed journals, within three years of his doctoral studies, Övgün has achieved remarkable success.  Putting forth that articles published in reputable journals are the proof for Eastern Mediterranean University’s academic quality, Övgün highlighted the importance of each published article for the university as it brings extra points to the institution. Övgün also thanked his advisor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Halilsoy and Assoc. Prof. Dr. İzzet Sakallı for their support in his studies.

In his article, Övgün  invesigates the entangled  particles' tunneling from a Schwarzschild black hole immersed in an electromagnetic Universe. In 1975 Hawking published a shocking result: if one takes quantum theory into account, it seems that black holes are not quite black. Instead, they should glow slightly with "Hawking radiation", consisting of photons, neutrinos, and to a lesser extent all sorts of massive particles. Hawking radiation explained this way in a lot of "pop-science" treatments: Virtual particle pairs are constantly being created near the horizon of the black hole, as they are everywhere.  Normally, they are created as a particle-antiparticle pair and they quickly annihilate each other.  But near the horizon of a black hole, it's possible for one to fall in before the annihilation can happen, in which case the other one escapes as Hawking radiation.  This fact is also true for wormholes as  shown  by Assoc.Prof. Izzet Sakalli and Övgün before. According to Övgün, entanglement which plays a frontier role on quantum information, is an important resource for different computational tasks such as quantum communication and teleportation. Understanding the entanglement in the frame of black holes will give us an important resolution of information paradox of black holes.