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EMU Alumni Reunite at “EMU Network”

Eastern Mediterranean University Alumni Communications and Career Research Directorate (EMU MİKA) has introduced new EMU alumni platform titled “EMU Network” ( developed with the aim of bringing together EMU graduates and enhancing their communication. The platform has started to accept members.

According to EMU – MİKA Director Derviş Ekşici, “EMU Network” is a member of a platform developed by Graduway software company for universities, international schools and official institutions from 43 countries. It helps institutions engage with graduates who are difficult to reach, reach the most current data of their graduates through integrating with LinkedIn and Facebook, and establish a network and communication among graduates with their personalized system, which is now a brand.

Derviş Ekşici

“Provides Many Opportunities”

The same platform also makes institutions’ communication with the alumni more effective and, at the same time, increases the donations to the institution. Through the same network, institutions may provide better career guidance, mentoring and consultancy services to the alumni. Additionally, Graduway  easily integrates with the institution’s existing customer relationship management system (CRM).

Director of EMU-MİKA Derviş Ekşici provided the following information: “EMU Network System is a platform created in 2018 especially for EMU Alumni to maintain communication between each other and with their school and faculty. Developed by Graduway software company, these platforms are used by many international universities. EMU Network provides many opportunities for graduates. It is designed to make communication with graduates more widespread and effective as well as to encourage guidance, career and activities. Our alumni can update their academic and career information in connection with Facebook and linkedIn. The platform also provides career guidance services to students. We invite all members of EMU Alumni to become members of the platform via

Used by Prominent Institutions

Some notable members of the platform are as follows:  University of Oxford, UCLA, Zeppelin University, Munich Business Faculty, ESMT,  Universitat Oldenburg ST Gallen, Maastricht School of Management and Bucerius Law School in Europe and Bosphorus University, Robert College, İstanbul Technical University, Middle East Technical University, and International Community School in Turkey.