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Following the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases both in the TRNC and our university during the week of 12-18 November 2021, it was unanimously decided to recommend the continuation of the decision regarding “the requirement of fully-vaccinated persons to have an antigen/PCR test once a week” taken at the Pandemic Board meeting on 18.11.2021 until the next evaluation which will take place at the end of the exam week.


According to the data provided by the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee, it is observed that the number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing in the TRNC since the week of 22-28 September. Especially, after the week of November 10-16, when the total number of cases per 100,000 was reported as 331.41, during the weeks of 17-23 November and 24-30 November, this figure was reported to be 510.99 and 516.79, respectively.


Parallel to the island in general, there was a slight increase in the number of cases in our university (38 cases in total) during the week of 12-18 November. Parallel to the increase both throughout the country and within the university, it was recommended by our Board on 18.11.2021 that vaccinated students should also submit the latest 7-day antigen/PCR test results upon their entry to closed venues. The introduction of compulsory testing for vaccinated students coincided with the midterm exam week, a period when the student numbers are fewer in crowded areas. The total number of cases detected at our university during the week of 19-25 November, covering this period, went down to 28 (please refer to the COVID-19 Report (30.11.2021). However, during the current period when the transmission rates are observed to be quite high countrywide, before removing the measures taken (such as requiring tests from vaccinated persons), we find it highly important to monitor the decrease in the number of cases detected at the university for a while, especially in the face-to-face teaching period during which more crowded environments are observed on the campus,.

2021/06-2. Based on the decision of the TRNC Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee dated 27.11.2021, it was unanimously decided that effective from 6 December 2021, fully vaccinated persons who have had two doses Biontech/Moderna/Astra Zeneca vaccines and 6 months have elapsed after the date of their second dose or persons who received Sinovac (2 doses)/Janssen (single dose) vaccines and 3 months have elapsed after the date of their vaccination will be deemed “unvaccinated” if they have not received their booster dose. For this reason, it is essential to publish an announcement regarding the uploading of the current vaccination certificates (displaying the booster doses) of the students to the portal.