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2021/02-1. Unanimously approved; suggesting the implementation of “Eastern Mediterranean University COVID-19 Pandemic Guide and Action Plan” procedures regarding matters of possible case, confirmed case and contact/close contact be approved.

Possible Case/Confirmed Case:

  • The individual should isolate herself/himself and inform the Pandemic Coordinator’s Office.
  • The individual should do a PCR test and isolate herself/himself until the result of the test comes out (should not come to the university).
  • If the test result comes out as negative, the individual should act with the guidance (whether s/he comes back or does not come back to the university) of Pandemic Coordinator’s Office which is to be established within the body of Health Center.
  • If the test result comes out as positive, the individual will be referred as a confirmed case and will be in isolation under the monitoring of TRNC Ministry of Health.

Contact/Close Contact:

  • Pandemic Coordinator’s Office should be informed in an event of an individual being listed as a contact/close contact and therefore, asking for a leave for isolation. Pandemic Coordinator’s Office should affirm the necessity of a quarantine process in consultation with the TRNC Ministry of Health Contact Tracking Unit. In an event where the TRNC Ministry of Health does not see the need for quarantine, it should be decided whether or not such individuals continue to come and work by taking the opinion of the Pandemic Coordinator’s Office.

2021/02-2. Unanimously approved; requirement of fully-vaccinated students and staff members submitting their vaccination certificates on a host system (such as, personnel portal) as a proof of their vaccination status and, recommendation of forming an appropriate system in this regard be approved.

JUSTIFICATION: As explicitly clarified in the “EMU COVID-19 Pandemic Guide and Action Plan”, since there will be differences between individuals serving or receiving services on campus in terms of COVID-19 testing requirements (unvaccinated persons must submit a 72-hour test result to enter indoor areas; only general screenings for vaccinated persons), vaccinated individuals must prove their status in order to make the necessary planning. Students and personnel members should be informed regarding individuals who are not willing to specify their vaccination status due to personal reasons being evaluated as “unvaccinated individual” during the semester.

2021/02-3. Unanimously approved; regarding the Orientation Days, making an organization pertaining to the necessary place labels, banners and posters by contacting the Social and Cultural Activities Directorate Administrator be approved.  

2021/02-4. Unanimously approved; Following the “EMU COVID-19 Pandemic Guide for Students” being uploaded to the student portal, preparing an undertaking to be signed by the students by stating that they will abide by the rules specified in the above-mentioned guidebook, and making the filling in and signing of the said undertaking be compulsory be approved.

RECOMMENDATION: The registration system not to allow the advisors to approve the registrations of the students who do not fill in and sign the undertaking and, sending a reminder to the advisor regarding the requirement of students to fill in the undertaking.

2021/02-5. Unanimously approved; recommending the administration of the evaluations of students and staff members who are categorized in the risk group as specified below be approved.


The risk group status of the student should be approved by the TRNC Ministry of Health.

The status of the student who is confirmed to be in the risk group by the TRNC Ministry of Health (continuing classes online, freezing education, etc.) is decided upon the recommendation of the Department Head, the Faculty Dean's Office or the School Directorate and the approval of the Rector’s Office.

Academic/Administrative Personnel:

The risk group status of the personnel member should be approved by the TRNC Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Health (online teaching, course change, etc.) with the consultation of the Faculty Dean or the School Directorate and the Rector’s Office; the status of the administrative staff (change of duty, remote work, etc.) is decided by the Rector’s Office.

2021/02-6. Unanimously approved; recommending to appoint 2 staff members in each academic and administrative unit to assist the Administrative Chief in identifying and meeting the needs and, monitoring and organizing the smooth operation of infection control measures be approved. 

2021/02-7. Unanimously approved; organizing face-to-face trainings for working and cleaning personnel regarding the Infection Control Measures; preparing guidebooks and explanatory videos for academic/administrative personnel as well as students and, planning the mentioned matters in the upcoming meeting be approved.