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Law Master's Program (Turkish with Thesis) (LL.M., 1 - 2 Years)

The Faculty of Law offers three different master programs since the year 2000. These three programs are gathered under the topics of Public Law, Private Law, International Law which can be found as European Union Law and Human Rights Law. The aim is to provide graduate education to those who want to specialize in one of the given disciplines. Graduate students, who wish to specialize in one of the disciplines stated above, can further choose to specialize in the following areas. In the area Private Law students can focus on Civil Law, Law of Torts, Contract Law or Civil Procedural Law. In the area of Public Law students can focus on Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law or General Public Law or Philosophy of Law. In the area of International Law students can specialize in European Union Law, Human Rights, and Public international law fields. Forty-five students completed master's degree in the Faculty of Law by 2010.

Admission Requirements

As a rule, Faculty of Law graduate program accepts applicants who are graduated from law schools. However, exceptional candidates such as those graduated from Public Administration and International Relations disciplines will be admitted to the program subject to Faculty Board decisions. These candidates will be asked to follow a deficiency program according to their preferred areas of study. Students fom Turkey are asked to secure a fundamental Academic Graduate Studies Exam (ALES) score of at least %55 points from equal weight section. Applicants should be capable of following the programs in Turkish.

Research Interests

Private Law; Civil law, Law of obligations, Labour law, Private international law, Commercial law, Law of civil procedure

Public Law; Criminal law, Constitutional law, Administrative law

International Law; Public international law, European union law, European union and human rights, General theory of human rights


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