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Civil Engineering Doctoral Program (Ph.D., 3,5 - 5 Years)

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program provide opportunities to qualified students for further education at an advanced level in various Civil Engineering fields. National and regional research needs receive specific attention. Graduate courses are offered in the following divisions of specialization: Construction Materials; Construction Technology and Management; Geotechnical Engineering; Hydraulics Engineering; Structural Engineering; Transportation Engineering. Department of Civil Engineering have well established laboratories in the fields of construction materials, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering and transportation engineering.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a MS degree with thesis in Civil Engineering or a related field of study if they have achieved at least 3.00/4.00 for admission and must be fluent in written and oral English. Applicants who hold a M.S. degree in a field other than Civil Engineering may be accepted with “probation” status and will be required to take at least three deficiency courses from undergraduate curriculum. Applicants should submit a research proposal together with their application form. Candidates can be interviewed by the graduate committee of the Civil Engineering Department.

Research Interests

Construction Materials; Repair and maintenance of concrete, fibre reinforced concrete: improving measuring techniques, Thermal properties of lightweight concrete & mortar: building blocks, foam concrete, Natural building stones: engineering properties, Self consolidating concrete: mix design with local materials, Non-destructive testing of concrete, Alternative construction materials: waste glass and limestone dust. Construction Technology and Management; Construction planning, Construction costing, Life cycle cost calculations, Risk management, Concrete construction, Concrete materials, Construction technology. Geotechnical Engineering; Assessment of seasonal effects on engineering behaviour of expansive soils, Temperature effect on the engineering behaviour of clay soils, Pore fluid effects on the engineering behaviour of compacted clays, Hydro-mechanical behaviour of compacted sand-bentonite as waste containment barriers, Use of polymer additives in compacted barriers, Use of chemical additives in compacted barriers, Influence of leachates on the hydro-mechanical behaviour of barrier soils, Effect of colloidal silica stabilization on the liquefaction potential of soils. Hydraulics Engineering; Water resources in Cyprus, Waste water, Hydrologic changes, Climate changes and water, Sediment transport in rivers, Reservoirs and dams, Coastal sedimentation, Hydropower, Irrigation and drainage. Structural Engineering; Stability of inelastic structures subjected to dynamic loading, Displacement based methods for seismic assessment and design of structures, Durability of concrete and effects of corrosion on seismic performance of RC structures, Finite element force method, Structural dynamics, Finite element analysis, Historic buildings and their analysis, Defects and deterioration in buildings, Strengthening, The use of structural steel for buildings, Behaviour of reduced beam web (RBW) connections, Efficiency of lateral stability methods for steel structures, Steel shell roof structures, Behaviour of semi-rigid steel beam to column connections, Inspection, appraisal, maintenance and repair of structures, Sustainable structures for Mediterranean/Middle East climate, Health and safety in construction. Transportation Engineering; Pavement management systems, Statistical model development, Stochastic design of pavements, Cost estimation, project management, Forensic examination of pavements, Traffic simulation, and Traffic safety.


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