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Interior Architecture Master's Program (with Thesis) (M.S., 1 - 2 Years)

The Department of Interior Architecture offers a program of study leading to the degree of Master of Interior Architecture (M.S.) for students whose training and orientation are primarily in interior architecture (with thesis);

The object of the graduate program in interior architecture is to create a high quality research environment which promotes specialization in different fields of interior architecture. Within this environment, the program provides students with further training in preparation for their professional careers in interior architectural practice, advanced theoretical research and education within an interdisciplinary framework. The main aim of all programs is to bring students to a level of capability to interrelate and question theory and practice together; define/describe alternative interior architectural issues; and develop alternative solutions.

Admission Requirements

The holders of application (Applicants) of the program are expected to complete at least a four years bachelor’s degree either from interior architecture, architecture, industrial design, landscape architecture or urban design programs. Applicants who hold bachelors degree other than interior architecture or above listed related disciplines can get Conditional Acceptance where they are expected to take deficiency courses, recommended by the graduate committee of Interior Architecture Department.

Documents needed to apply to the programs offered by the Department of Interior Architecture

In addition to the documents specified in the Application Form for Graduate Studies, the Department of Interior Architecture also requires:

  • A Portfolio
  • A CV
  • A Copy of the Undergraduate Diploma
  • A Transcript
  • A Letter of proposal
  • Reference letter(s)

Research Interests

Interior design, Interior design theory, Art & Design history, Design education, Interior Identity, Vernacular architecture, Tourism architecture, Housing studies, Furniture, Urban furniture, Interior Landscaping, Interior Architecture and politics, Cultural heritage, Restoration, Conversion, Renovation, Adaptive re-use, Building conservation, Sustainability, Environment Friendly Design, Environmental conservation, Open building design, Green architecture, Intelligent building design, Construction, Structure and architecture, Earthquake, Materials, Finishing Materials, Construction management, Risk management, Safety, Environmental control, Integrated building systems, Lighting and colour theory in design, Acoustics, Human behaviour in interior space, Design for disabled.


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