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Business Administration Master's Program (without Thesis) (M.B.A., 1 - 1.5 Years)

Master Programs

Our masters program in Business Administration (MBA) open to graduates from all academic backgrounds. The MBA program traditionally lasts for three semesters (usually slightly more with thesis option) and the Marketing masters lasts for two semesters (usually slightly more with thesis option). Depending on your background, however, a semester of foundation courses may be necessary prior to or together with your regular courses. We strongly encourage applicants aiming to continue to Ph.D. to choose a master program with thesis option. Conversely, we advise applicants aiming to work in industry to choose a program without thesis. Applicants to with thesis programs are advised to apply early and to strengthen their application portfolio by including evidence on research skills and language proficiency.

Admission Requirements

MBA and Marketing masters programs are open to applicants from all academic backgrounds with academic CGPA above 2.5 out of 4.00 or its equivalent.

Research Interests

The following is an indicative list of our research interests at doctoral research level: nonunion employee representation plans, unionization, network relationships in IR systems, positive employee-employer relations, employee development, sustainable development strategies, stakeholder relationships, corporate social responsibility, international marketing, consumer behavior, entrepreneurship, business development services, cognitive styles, human resource management, recruitment and selection, organizational justice, customer satisfaction, service marketing, service quality, export models for SME’s.


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