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Students of FCMS Visited Public Relations and Press Office

Students of FCMS Visited Public Relations and Press Office

Within the framework of the course entitled “Media Relations” delivered by FCMS Academic Staff member Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan, students of Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Communication and Media Studies visited EMU Public Relations and Press Office Directorate and received information about their operations.

During the visit, EMU Public Relations and Press Office Director Derviş Ekşici and Unit Manager Burcu Betin provided detailed information about the regular operations of their office. Burcu Betin stated that the first thing they do every morning is to go over 16 daily newspapers of the TRNC and specify the news items about EMU and other universities. Betin added that they scan the relevant news items and transfer them to computer and prepare daily news bulletin, accordingly.

Betin added that their unit prepare news items for each and every activity taking place within the university. Photos are added to the aforesaid news items which are then sent to media organs.

Derviş Ekşici  added that as the director of Public Relations and Press Office, he pays frequent visits to media organisations. Ekşici added that “You cannot just sit in your office and say that I’m a director. You need to establish good relations with media.” Ekşici added that Cyprus Turkish Media gives special importance to EMU and it is both his and his unit’s responsibility to highlight the best aspects of the university.

Stating that the Public Relations and Press Office Directorate is the heart of the university, Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan put forth that one can see the productivity level of the university through this unit. Prof. Dr. İrvan added that journalists’ point of view may not overlap with public relations’ point of view as the public relations office gives special importance to have positive news published and hide negative ones. Journalists, on the other hand, are after problems and negative issues and when they find one, they make it look bigger. Therefore, one of the main responsibilities of this unit is minimising the damage such news items may cause. Prof. Dr. İrvan added that each institution should have a well-operating public relations and press office.