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Every Student Has the Right to Learn

Every Student Has the Right to Learn

Upon the invitation of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Education Faculty, Mardin province, Savur district Çınarönü Primary and Secondary School Principal Halil Kalkan arrived at the university to deliver a talk titled “Teaching is Sacrifice” for the 5th International Career Week. Kalkan went on to explain that teaching is a profession that requires love and sacrifice.

Halil Kalkan who is an EMU Education Faculty, English Language Teaching (ELT) Department graduate provided the prospective teachers with examples from his own life. Kalkan spoke about what he took into consideration when choosing a university going on to state that as a student at  EMU Education Faculty, ELT Department he got rid of his lack of confidence as a result of the education he received and made beautiful friendships. Kalkan also advised his listeners to appreciate their university and teachers.

Noting that he took with him everywhere the awareness and knowledge he obtained at EMU, Kalkan spoke about the difficulties of working where he currently is and the problems faced by the people who live there. Kalkan stated: “Everything doesn’t always go as planned, even though problems may arise, don’t give up on your plans”. Indicating that at the beginning of your career inexperience makes life a little difficult, Kalkan stated that the anxiety it brings passes with time. Kalkan provided advice for the prospective students such as don’t refrain from asking questions, make use of the experience of others, do your work in the best way possible, keep motivation high and don’t give in to psychological pressures.

Teaching is sacrifice

Kalkan stated that teaching isn’t a profession to carry out with the aim of earning money. Teaching and facing difficulties in areas with very limited opportunities that require sacrifices is very rewarding for many people. Kalkan showed photos and videos of his students and colleagues in Çınarönü village. Providing examples of creativity in learning despite limited opportunities, Kalkan led to some emotional moments. A plaque was handed to Kalkan after his talk during which he indicated that every student has the right to learn.

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