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EMU Signs a Collaboration Protocol with Artist Rüya Taner

A cooperation protocol has been signed between Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Art Consultant Rüya Taner to carry out academic, cultural and artistic activities. EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın and Piano Artist Rüya Taner signed the said protocol. Present at the signing ceremony held at 14:00 on Friday, 18 March  2022, at the EMU Rector’s Office Meeting Room were EMU Vice Rector for Social and Cultural Affairs Prof. Dr. Deniz İşçioğlu, EMU Education Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Ahmet Pehlivan, and Chair of Fine Arts Education Department Prof. Dr. Serdar Çetin Aydar.

The aforementioned cooperation protocol aims to facilitate the development and organisation of the academic, cultural and artistic cooperation between the University and the artist.

In his speech, EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın stated that he is extremely pleased to sign a cooperation protocol as such. Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın emphasized that he believes that the collaboration between Rüya Taner, an artist who makes our country proud with her international achievements and the EMU Education Faculty Fine Arts Education Department will contribute greatly to art lovers. In his statement,  Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın stated that collaborations are extremely important for EMU, also emphasizing that EMU fulfills its duties in the fields of education, science and community service and tries to support social, cultural and sports activities. Expressing that they are happy for this cooperation, Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın underlined that they are on the eve of important breakthroughs in the field of music. Expressing that EMU is always ready to support international projects, Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın emphasized that it is important to support the qualified works of the rare human resources in the field of art and to bring them together with the stakeholders of the university.

Speaking during the cooperation protocol signing ceremony, Rüya Taner stated that today is a very special day for her, emphasizing that she is happy that a university like EMU will support her endeavours. Expressing that she will try to fulfill her duty in the best way with this cooperation, Taner said that she believes that they will realize good projects together.