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EMU Introduces New Molecular Gastronomy Laboratory and Pastry Kitchen

EMU Introduces New Molecular Gastronomy Laboratory and Pastry Kitchen

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) continues to stand out with the education it offers on Tourism and Culinary Arts. The mission of the Tourism Faculty is to provide quality education for students who will then be equipped to carry out research that will enlighten the community and the world. Students who want to specialise in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts can do so by taking part in a 2 year or a 4 year program.

In both programs students have access to the first “Mixology Laboratory” in the country. In this laboratory students can ascertain the compatibility of certain foods and wine.  Students, also participate in creating the daily menu at the renewed Tower Restaurant, located on the top floor of the faculty building.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Kilic: We are set to open the first Molecular Gastronomy Laboratory in Turkey and Cyprus

Innovations and surprises await students in the 2016-2017 Academic Year.  Dean of EMU Tourism Faculty, Prof. Dr. Hasan Kilic underlined the importance of the investment made, regarding a Molecular Gastronomy Laboratory, stating that it will be the first molecular gastronomy laboratory in both Turkey and Cyprus. Prof. Dr. Kilic noted that the lab will include equipment like a Blast Chiller, a Pro Sous-Vide and a Rational Self Cooking Center.

Prof. Dr. Kilic also noted that a pastry kitchen including a steam operated stone oven, a stone coated oven and various other units will be available to students who are interested in taking courses relating to bakery and bread making. Prof. Dr. Kilic stated that the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts program is gaining a lot attention and that high demand is expected not only from Turkish Cypriot but also from Turkish students. Prof. Dr. Kilic concluded by stating that this demand is indicatory of the quality education provided at EMU Tourism Faculty.